Monday, June 7, 2010


INTERACT ROTARY CLUB gives us actual worth of our life. it teaches us discipline, self-confidence and personality development and also develops leadership qualities. it is a club for community service. this club is not for entertainment. we undertake many many projects like water rally to save water; traffic awareness project; say no to polybags etc.
in previous session.....
1)an interact session with interactors of other schools held i.e.. DILA.
2)we had collected fund for poors and for polio eradication.
3)we visited an old-age home and orphan age to serve them and interact with them.
4)some selected interactors were sent for ryla session in Eicher School at Faridabad where the best rylarian girl award was won by one of our interactor.
interested candidates are recquired to appear for an interview. the date has not finalised yet. the interview would be taken by mrs. seema lal and mrs.sunita saini.
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by shefali bhatia