Thursday, December 22, 2011

Visit To St Mary's Old Age Home

The members of Rotary Interact Club of Kulachi Hansraj Model School visited St Mary's Old Age Home on 21st December 2011,along with teacher incharges Mrs Sunita Saini and Mrs Seema Lal.Students interacted with the inmates of the old age home,and listened to them with great enthusiasm. A packet was prepared for each of the 25 inmates which consisted of the various things donated by the students and teachers of the school, such as blankets,mufflers,creams,packets of biscuits,medicines etc. Waist belts and knee pads were also give to some inmates as per their need. Students also prepared a card for each inmate wishing them a Merry Christmas, with a heartwarming message written on each card. Interactors prepared various performances to entertain the inmates, which were immensely enjoyed by them. our Interactors also decorated the lawn and christmas tree of the premisis.A lunch party was organised for them. Interactors, upon returning were blessed by the the inmates.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Condemn Smoking

Self- composed poem by
Shreeya Katyal

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Annual Inter-School Extempore Debate Competition

The Annual Inter School Extempore Debate Competition was organized by the Rotary Interact Club of Kulachi Hansraj Model School on 15 November 2011, sponsored by Rotary Club of Delhi Garden City.Chief guest Rotarian Mr Bhupinder Singh Suri (President)along with other dignitaries from Rotary Club of Delhi Garden City- Ms Amrit Dhingra (Secretary), Dr Veena Bali (Director Young Generation) and Dr Hardeep(Immediate Past President), Mrs P.Datta-our Principal and Headmistresses Mrs.Kaul, Mrs Kumar and Mrs.Arya also graced the occasion.
The lighting of lamp of knowledge was followed by the cultural programme which included the school prayer and a classical dance recital performed by members of the Interact club.
A Brochure Anubhuti was released on the activities of the club.
It was our first ever released Brochure in which we have highlighted activities of the club which it undertakes throughout the year.
COMPETITION:The topics for the debate were :'Corruption can be removed by legislature of India' and 'Dynasty is the most important qualification for politics'. . The esteemed judges of the competition included Mr Hari Mamak, Mrs Monica Babbar, Dr Vimakshi.
25 prestigious schools of Delhi participated in the event. Participants were given a preparation time of 30 minutes.The competition saw enthusiastic participation of the debators on the topics with zeal and vigour.
The individual winners were given a cash prize of Rs 10,000/- .The 1st and 2nd runners up were given cash prizes of Rs 7500/- and Rs 5000/- respectively along with individual Trophies. The Rolling Trophy was jointly shared by Montfort School and APJ Sheikh Sarai. The event concluded with Mrs P Datta and Mr Bhupendra Singh Suri addressing the students with their highly motivating words.
It was an commendable effort by our teacher coordinators Ms. Sunita Saini ,Ms.Seema Lal and the team of Interactors to make this event a success.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

DILA 2011

Members of Rotary Club attended the DILA 2011 (District Interact Leadership Assembly)organised by Rotary Club of Delhi Rajendra Place . The event, named Ashayein, was held at Apeejay School, Sheikh Sarai. It was an interact programme for interacters across different schools in Delhi. Interacters were seated in the auditorium where they witnessed the ZIRs (Zonal Interact Representatives) being introduced, including Deepanshu Bansal from KHMS. A play performed by the interactors of our school.
The chief speaker of the day was Mr.Rakesh Aggarwal who ineracted with us in a very friendly manner and gave us very small tips for personality development and how to deal with the outside world.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


On 19th August,2011 the Club organized a 'Traffic Awareness workshop' for its members in collaboration with Delhi Traffic Police. Mr. Radheshyam with his team came to school to create traffic awareness amongst students. He dwelled upon the idea of spreading traffic awareness through 3 E’s: Engineering, Enforcement and Education, . Mr. Radheshyam said that students should inform their parents about traffic rules. We were shown a small documentary titles “Ladla Driver”. The film depicted that how parents spoil their children by giving them vehicles before 18yrs. and then repent afterwards. We were also shown a small presentation depicting how to ensure our safety while we are on the roads. We were also distributed a Road Sign Chart, a small interactive Pocket booklet wherein various safety rules were written and few other things for upgrading our knowledge. Mr. Radheshyam gave us the Golden mantra -to control anger' as this is the major cause of Road Rage. To conclude, Mr. Radheshyam announced a few activities like poster making competition, road safety march etc. to be taken up in future.
He summarized the workshop by giving us various slogans like “Always be alert, Road is like a snake”; “Sadak suraksha, jeewan raksha”; “Helmet hai zaruri, na samjho majboori”; “We are children, our safety lies in your hands” etc.
The workshop ended with a vote of thanks by club incharges: Ms. Sunita Saini and Ms. Seema Lal and Mr. Radheshyam claiming the school to be his personal favourite and promising to extend his helping hand to the school whenever we need him.
The workshop was quite interesting and the spell that Mr. Radheshyam had created in those 90 minutes, was so amazing that all of us were longing for more at the end of such an interactive session.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Traffic Awareness Campaign- 27th August 2011

27th August, 2011- Parents Teachers Meeting of our school. On this day the Rotary Interact Club along with the support of Delhi Traffic Police, campaigned to create awareness about traffic among the public. The motto of this campaign was to guide children as well as the adult population to follow the Traffic Rules. The interactors who enthusiastically created awareness under the guidence of the traffic police and the teacher incharges of the club, Mrs.Sunita Saini and Mrs.Seema Lal were Yashika Thukral, Shreeya Katyal, Vaishali Panjwani, Tarun Malhotra, Shubhendera Nigam, Abhijeet and Nimita.
The interactors convinced parents to not to allow their children to drive any vehicle without driving lisence and till they are 18 yrs. old. The Traffic police (people)guided them about rules n other safety measures that must be kept in mind while using the roads.
Parents were provided with some literature which gave detailed information about the traffic awareness in an interactive way.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Induction ceremony-10th August 2011

Induction Ceremony of ' Rotary Interact Club 'of KHMS
The interact club of Kulachi Hansraj Model School conducted its Induction Ceremony on 10th August, 2011. The occasion was graced by Mr. Bhupendra Singh- The president of Rotary Club, Delhi Garden City, Dr. Hardeep its past President, Dr. Veena Bali and other dignitaries from the club.
The Principal Mrs. P.Datta welcomed the guests, followed by the symbolic lighting of the lamp of knowledge. Students from the Interact Club sang the school prayer, which was followed by an address from the school Principal.

The past President of the club- Taksh Gupta, handed over the charge to newly elect President Abhijeet Sabharwal.
Mr. Bhupendra Singh and Dr. Veena Bali inspired every one with their wise thoughts. They expressed their appreciation for the club and its teacher incharges Mrs. Sunita Saini and Mrs. Seema Lal, also announcing that Kulachi’s Interact Club is one of the biggest and the best club of Delhi.

The best interactors of previous year, Yagya Arora and Shresth Narula were rewarded for their efforts. Newly elect President Abhijeet Sabharwal expressed his pleasure at being given such a big responsibility and promised to uphold the motto of the club, ‘Service Before Self’. He introduced the theme taken up by the club this year, ‘Traffic Awareness’-'Ensuring safe and secure Roads'.

The Cultural Programme included a dance recital by Girika, an interactor, and a street play on plight of females, which was applauded by everyone and was a success.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Visit to the Old age home

On 24th December 2010, the members of rotary club once again went to St. Mary’s Home for the Aged Women. We reached there by 11:45 a.m. We correlated with the old women listening to their stories and had a great time. Our Santa Claus, Alabhya Dhamija, distributed sweets to everyone. We also organised a short program for them which started with a beautiful poem by Ishaani lal. After this, Nikunj showed his talent of gymnastics. This was followed by a delightful song sung by Mehak and Aparna. Then, Palak and Surbhi gave a stunning dance performance. Aanchal, Vaibhavi and Nikita, sang amazingly. We enjoyed a facetious mimicry of Bharti. Then, Mudita and Arjun gave a splendid dance performance. This was ended by the Santa dancing with the ladies. They thoroughly enjoyed the program. After this, we all served food to them. We also donated them various necessary items. We listened to their problems and tried to console them. We left from there by 1:30 p.m. We are really honoured to visit such a place and offer support to them.


Rotary Young Leadership Awards, is an exciting and a challenging training programme for potential leaders full of excitement. I, along with other 5 interactors of our school went to attend this programme on 25th December,2010, held in Moti Lal Nehru School of Sports, Rai, Sonepat. An extremely exciting weather with fog everywhere accompanied us all along but still RYLA was heaps of fun. Late in the Christmas afternoon, we were up with registration and allotment in our hostels. Our hostels had their own charm. They were very tidy with 6-10 beds in each room. Our matron was a bit strict but extremely caring . She provided us with the best atmosphere. The programme was well-balanced with just as many activities as well as academic side of RYLA. We had a series of interesting seminars which enabled us to gain exposure to issues and exchange ideas with the spectators. We also had a fire slide talent hunt programme with brilliant performances reflecting the potentials of youngsters. It was loads of fun and we all danced as if we were never going to stop. The only thing of common interest was “THE FOOD”. There was a common mess for all the Rylians which offered mouth watering and a large variety of food. All of ended eating double the amount of food than we usually consume. The programme ended up giving a surprise concert to us by a singer Sidharth Mohan .
There wasn’t a single thing which we could criticize throughout the trip. RYLA indeed enables young people to debate issues of professional responsibilities, human relations, improved leadership & communicating skills and meet other interators, rotractors, Rotarians and make friends. We all have learnt the wealth of knowledge that we will use constantly throughout our lives.
Students who went on RYLA:
1. Ridhi Gupta
2. Arjun Mehta
3. Deepanshu Bansal
4. Shreshth Narula
5. Arushi Handa

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Inter –School Debate Competition
Inter-school debate competition was organized by Rotary interact club ok Kulachi Hansraj Model School on 20th January, 2011. It was sponsored by our parent club, Rotary Club of Delhi Garden City. Our school was the host school for the competition. Our hon’ble guests and judges were the members of the Rotary Club of Delhi Garden City. President, Dr. Hardeep Singh and Mrs. Bali, the director, enhanced the prestige of our competition with their presence. They enlighted the lamp of knowledge and shared their experiences of life with the students and made them realize the real meaning of life. The students enthusiastically participated and presented their views perfectly By the time, students were judged by secretary Rotarian, Pradeep Kumar, PP Rotarian, Hari Mamak, their was a classical dance performance by children of Balgram, Sonepat, Parent house, Delhi Garden City. There was also a kathak performance of Ms. Mehr Suri, member of Rotary Interact Club, KHMS. Then, the results were announced, although everyone deserved to be a winner but as it is the custom of every competition, best had to be declared, so the winner was Monfort School. At the end refreshments were given to the participants and the guests were escorted. Special thanks to Mrs. P.Dutta, our principal ma’am, headmistresses, Mrs. Kumar and Mrs. Kaul, our teachers Mrs. Sunita Saini and Mrs. Seema Lal for making this day a great success and a heartful of thanks to all the members of Rotary Interact Club for working hard to make this event a successful one.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


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