Sunday, September 4, 2011


On 19th August,2011 the Club organized a 'Traffic Awareness workshop' for its members in collaboration with Delhi Traffic Police. Mr. Radheshyam with his team came to school to create traffic awareness amongst students. He dwelled upon the idea of spreading traffic awareness through 3 E’s: Engineering, Enforcement and Education, . Mr. Radheshyam said that students should inform their parents about traffic rules. We were shown a small documentary titles “Ladla Driver”. The film depicted that how parents spoil their children by giving them vehicles before 18yrs. and then repent afterwards. We were also shown a small presentation depicting how to ensure our safety while we are on the roads. We were also distributed a Road Sign Chart, a small interactive Pocket booklet wherein various safety rules were written and few other things for upgrading our knowledge. Mr. Radheshyam gave us the Golden mantra -to control anger' as this is the major cause of Road Rage. To conclude, Mr. Radheshyam announced a few activities like poster making competition, road safety march etc. to be taken up in future.
He summarized the workshop by giving us various slogans like “Always be alert, Road is like a snake”; “Sadak suraksha, jeewan raksha”; “Helmet hai zaruri, na samjho majboori”; “We are children, our safety lies in your hands” etc.
The workshop ended with a vote of thanks by club incharges: Ms. Sunita Saini and Ms. Seema Lal and Mr. Radheshyam claiming the school to be his personal favourite and promising to extend his helping hand to the school whenever we need him.
The workshop was quite interesting and the spell that Mr. Radheshyam had created in those 90 minutes, was so amazing that all of us were longing for more at the end of such an interactive session.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Traffic Awareness Campaign- 27th August 2011

27th August, 2011- Parents Teachers Meeting of our school. On this day the Rotary Interact Club along with the support of Delhi Traffic Police, campaigned to create awareness about traffic among the public. The motto of this campaign was to guide children as well as the adult population to follow the Traffic Rules. The interactors who enthusiastically created awareness under the guidence of the traffic police and the teacher incharges of the club, Mrs.Sunita Saini and Mrs.Seema Lal were Yashika Thukral, Shreeya Katyal, Vaishali Panjwani, Tarun Malhotra, Shubhendera Nigam, Abhijeet and Nimita.
The interactors convinced parents to not to allow their children to drive any vehicle without driving lisence and till they are 18 yrs. old. The Traffic police (people)guided them about rules n other safety measures that must be kept in mind while using the roads.
Parents were provided with some literature which gave detailed information about the traffic awareness in an interactive way.