Friday, October 24, 2014

Exuberance 2k14 (Rotafest)

On 11th October,2014,our Interactors attended Rotafest'14 held at APJ school,Sheikh Sarai.
They participated in two competitions -Mini Cricket and Street Play.The street play was performed by the dramatics team of  our club and was directed by Mrs. Shikha Sharma.Our Vice President Yash Ahuja along with his team participated in the Mini Cricket competition.It was a tough battle but for the street play,our school managed to win the 2nd Prize  and a lot of appreciation by all..The event was really delightful and all our interactors enjoyed a lot.It was truly a marvelous experience.

Nine is Mine- 2nd visit

On 15th October,2014, 5 interactors of our Interact club along with Mrs.Vandana Diwan visited UN office-Lodhi Road to attend the conference on Nine is Mine.
Conference started with a skype call with the people living in New Zealand which was attended by Yash and Sarthak.

During the call,everyone beated small drums to show them that through Nine is Mine Campaigns,they have accomplished many goals.When the call ended,they were given 2 tasks each for which all the students present there were divided into 6-7 groups according to the colour of their cards. Each card depicted a right given to children.
They were also given tasks in which they had to compose poems and design posters.
At the end, all the students wore Malala Masks to create awareness and then the conference ended,
It was such a heart-warming experience.

Poster made by Yash

The skype call attended by Yash and Sarthak

Nishtha engaged in one of the tasks
                          Our Interactor, Rudrakshi

Poem composed by Sarthak

Nukkad Natak LADLI at RAHGIRI

On 28th September 2014,the dramatics team of our club performed their renowned nukkad natak 'Ladli' directed by Mrs. Shikha Sharma at Rahgiri,cannaught place.The aim was to ignite in people the fire of Feminism.It was cherished by one and all.The next morning their pictures were published in the newspaper 'Delhi Times'.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Blood Donation Drive 2k14

On 20th October 2014, Interact Club of our school organized a Blood Donation Rally.The Blood Donation Camp is going to take place on 8th of November in our school premises.All the Cabinet members as well as other interactors actively participated in the rally.The main aim of this rally was  to create awareness about blood donation.Our teacher co-ordinators and the whole team participated enthusiastically in the same.The rally marched through different parts of Ashok Vihar chanting slogans whole-heartedly.All the people came out of their houses and paid full heed to our appeal.This effort was highly appreciated by our Principal Ma'am.

DILA 2014

Our Cabinet 
DILA 2014 
30th September 2014, Tuesday
DILA 2014 was organised on 30th September at Apeejay School, Sheikh Sarai, which was actively attended by the whole cabinet of Kulachi Hansraj Model School, Interact Club along with the play participants and two teacher coordinates - Mrs Seema Lal and Mrs Sunita Saini. A group of students also performed a play which was highly extolled by the teachers and trainers. Efficient speeches were delivered by eminent personalities of the Rotary club to encourage and motivate the students. 
Special leadership training programmes were organised for the students separately according to the posts. The  students were immensely inspired to work for the welfare and betterment of the Interact club of the school. 
We are really looking forward to attend more such inspirational events and programmes.

DILA 2014

Our President,Pallavi and Vice President,Yash with their trainer
Our school's Dramatics team performing the Nukkad Natak  'The future of India lies in the hands of it's Voters'
It was appreciated by all