Monday, February 8, 2016


Like every year, we went to St. Mary's Old Age home on Christmas to visit them.

The students donated daily use material like toothpastes, brushes, blankets, mufflers, woollen socks, caps etc. 

With full enthusiasm and zeal the children left for the old age home. The festive mood could be felt as we reached our destination. One cannot shrug off the homey feeling the building radiated. In the chilly morning of December, the warmth of love and affection couldn't be ignored. 

The first performance was by our interactor Vinayak Kohli. He recited one of his self composed which was able to gather a massive applause from the audience. 

Our interactor Devyani Singh gave yet another heartfelt and soulful performance, enthralling the audience with the grace she always seems to carry. 

Bhavya Malhotra, Agrima Juneja, Ananya Acharya, Gunjan Wadhwa and Devyani Singh were able to sway the audience to their fusion of classic and new melodies. It was surely a pleasure to the ears. 

Agrima Juneja made special efforts and dressed up as Santa Claus and distributed the kits to everyone which just added to the whole festive feeling. 

After the performances, lunch was served and what is better than hot steaming savouries on a chilly December day? 

After the lunch, students talked to the ladies of the old age home, talking about their experiences and recalling anecdotes. 

Talking them was the highlight of the day. The graying hair is no restriction for the forever young ladies we had the opportunity to meet. They prove that age is just a number and it cannot stop them from being lively and funny. Their strength, sacrifices and intellect inspired all of us. 

After hours of fun and frolic, it was time to bid farewell. The visit was a memorable affair for every student. The ladies at the St. Mary's old age inspired us in many ways, be it experience, perception towards world, compassion for our elders and many more. We wish to visit them again next year. 

We are sorry for the late post.