Monday, January 18, 2010



On 29th december 2009, group of students from our club went to an Old Age Home near civil lines. We all reched there by 10:30 a.m. There are about twenty women in that old age home. Some of them are very aged and most of them are Christians. We had a great time out there. We all interacted with them. They narrated to us many incidents. Then, we performed dance and a skit on 'AIDS' awareness. Sharad,one of the interactor gave a guittar performance. They enjoyed it very much. After that we served them lunch and distributed gifts to them. Among the clubs we have collected so many things for them like woolen caps, shawls, and many more thing.They talked to us and told us about their problems. We went and saw the old age ladies and children who were living there. We met a lady who had a physical ailment and she could not walk properly. We helped her to come out of her room. There were so many ladies who worked there for helping old ladies. We all felt proud of doing something for them. This has been possible only because of our teachers. We came back by 1:30 p.m.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


We went to Faridabad for attending RYLA session on 26 and 27 december 2009 which was being hosted by Eicher School. There were 8 members from our school. We reached there by 12 noon. We were warmly welcomed by the interactors of Eicher School. After such a warm welcome we all went for registration where they provided us our batches, identity cards, participants handbooks and RYLA t-shirts. Then they took us to our respective rooms. After a short span of rest we all were taken to the Introducttion Ceremony where we all were addressed by the principle of Eicher School. She introduced us to all the respected guests. After that we were provided with the delicious meals. Later on we went to the Ampitheatre for our educated session addressed by Subroto Ghosh and Manike Narain. In between the talks there was a short tea break. In the evening the much awaited "Talent Night Event" was organised.

WE were enthusiastic for participating in the talent night and exploring our talent out there. We performed a skit on "AIDS Awareness", A group dance and a solo dance performance by Shagun and a guitar performance by Sharad. There were many other performances by participants of other schools and colleges.After all the performances we went for dinner and the day ended by a bornfire and a DJ night. During this period we got an opportunity to interact with the other interactors and made many new friends.

The next day we all woke up by 6 A.M for our sports activities which included yoga. After Yoga we all took a bath and had our breakfast.

RYLA 2009 was winded up by a prize distribution ceremony.We all kept our fingers crossed and the BEST RYLARIAN GIRL AWARD was won by Shagun. Sharad AND shagun received the second prize in the talent show. At the end we all received our participation certificates.We left the place in the evening.

posted by shefali and shikha


TRAFFIC AWRENESS PROJECT was held on 15 dec 2009 in our school auditorium. Radhey Sham A.C.P. Jagtar Singh were the honourable guests. Mata Jai kaur and D.A.V Pushpanjali were also invited. After their arrival our respected Head Mistress lighted the lamp of knowledge. The welcome song was sung by our school teachers. Guests were welcomed with the essence of beautiful flowers of marigold. Side by side competitions were going on of slogan writting and poster making. Then Jagtar Singh spoke to all students and made them aware of the road safety measure. He also gave some tips like ;
1. should drive slowly
2. should not drive if under 18
He also told us that Rs.5000 crores always spend on accident cases. After that Mrs. Sunita Saini mam thanked him enlighting our future. Later on there was a speech by Mr. Radhey Sham. He showed us a movie 'LADLA DRIVER' which was produced and directed by Jaspal Bhatti. The moral of the movie is to educate people about the traffic rules. Then again he showed us another movie by truck driver. Then the Traffic Police Association distributed some pamphlets of traffic rules and regulations. After that Mr. Radhey Sham continued with his speech, he told us about four friends that are TRAFFIC SIGNAL, TRAFFIC LIGHTS, TRAFFIC POLICE and CROSSINGS. Later on there was a quiz session where he asked questions related to traffic rules from the audience. Many children won many prizes. Sharad joshi, one of the interactor played guittar to entertain the audience.
Then Sunita mam thanked all the audience and prizes were distributed and refreshments were also provided.