Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cabinet of Rotary Interact Club 2010 – 2011.

The new Cabinet of the Rotary Interact Club (2010 -2011)has been selected. The interviews for the selection of the Cabinet had taken place in the 1st week of July. The following students are selected in the Cabinet and given the following posts.

President : Taksh Gupta
Vice President : Shreshth Narula
Secretary :Riddhi Gupta
Joint Secretary :Isha Ahuja
Sergeant at army :Siddarth
Treasurer I :Rahul Yadav
Treasurer II :Melani Kapoor
Cultural Secretary :Vaibhavi
Joint Cultural Secretary :Pooja Sharma
Director Club Committee :Kaveri Bhatia
Director Finance Committee :Mudita Khurana
Director Service Committee :Deepanshu Bansal
International Understanding Committee : Vartika Manchanda
Director Editorial Board :Alabhya Dhamija
Members of Editorial Board :
1. Yagya Arora
2. Arjun Mehta
3. Nikita Madan

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  1. thanks mam
    its a pleasure being part of interact club
    i promise to work really hard for his club,