Thursday, August 19, 2010

On the eve of the induction ceremony of rotary interact club of Kulachi Hansraj Model School our ex-president Udita Kapoor gave a speech to all our interactors. The speech is as follows :
“Good morning respected president and honourable dignitaries of Rotary of Delhi Garden city.
Respected principal ma’am, Kaul ma’am Mrs. Kumar and Mrs. Arya and my fellow interactors. I specially give a warm welcome to my mentors Mrs. Sunita Saini ma’am and Mrs. Seema Lal ma’am.
Today I, udita kapoor yet again stand on this podium wearing this prestigious collar, but today my aim is different. I shall remember every golden moment of the day when my ex president Vrinda handed me the responsibility of this amazing club.
Now when I stand here, I feel really nostalgic. Those meetings conducted by me gave a feeling of immense responsibility and enhanced my leadership qualities.
I have written a poem about my experience in this club :

First touch of that cloth,
Made me sweat like milk with froth.
But slowly those pearls of sweat
Turned cold and calm,
And I welcomed the responsibility
Warmly on my palm.
The sweat got soaked in
And the blood rushed through,
And then I vowed to my club that
I’ll be honest and true.
My mentors trusted me,
And so I never thought to flee!!
Memory of these meetings in this hall,
Makes my blood pressure to rise and fall.
I used to scream shout and command
My interactors (sharply enough)!
And they like sweet hearts never said a word.
That visit to the old age home and so many grannies,
I felt like they were the kids and we the nannies!!
That water rally made us really energetic
Made our blood rush,
But after our throats cried and begged us to hush!
What amazing time it used to be in the bus on the way,
Sharad’s songs and shagun’s dance
Used to make our bodies sway!!
Eache event is embedded in my brain,
Just like moment when I first felt the rain.
Each memory will remain ever fresh as a freshly formed dew,
On the bosom of my heart as I leave with tears very few.
I am not going away.
It’s just that now I can’t promise to shoulder the responsibility as before.
And so that I ask Taksh to do his favour to me.
My experience if I start narrating will not end today,
or tomorrow or ever.
But since the time is bound, I will now end my echoing sound.

Thanks to all my interactors for being so co-opeartive.
And I really love my mentors who gave me opportunities in abundance.
One thing I would like to add, once and interactor remains an interactor, and today I am handing over my collar but not my status as an interactor. Taksh, just remember, whenever you need me, you just have to look behind, and I’ll be standing there”.

Typed by Alabhya Dhamija

Road Safety Skit

On the 30th July 2010
there was a Road Safety skit competition organised by DAV Pushpanjali Enclave.

We the students of Kulachi Hansraj Model School, group of 8 students performed a skit titled “Traffic Awareness”.

In the skit the Traffic Light was pleading for'Mercy Killing' as she feels her existence is threatened as the public does not follow the traffic rules.

The skit was highly appreciated by the audience and we bagged the Second prize in the competition.

posted by Alabhya Dhamija