Friday, November 19, 2010

Interactors Initiative – Empowering The Underpriviledged

Photographs by -Shreshth Narula

On 30th octobr the interactors of Rotary Club collected money by selling cards brought from Balgram Orphanage , Sonipat to raise money for welfare of underpriviledged . This activity was conducted in the school on the PTM in the Lobby and 2nd Floor. Sale of card yielded Rs 6100 in addition rotary club members contributed Rs 2500 thus a total collection of 8600 was achieved.We thank all those who contributed for the cause.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Visit to Bal Gram, Sonepat

- Photographs by Arjun Mehta and Deepanshu Bansal

As per the planning by our teachers, Mrs. Sunita Saini and Mrs. Seema Lal, we the members of the Rotary Interact Club visited BAL Gram on 23rd October 2010. Our teachers told us briefly about the place but we found it larger than life. The place was full of greenery with a no. of small cottages in which the children with their mothers lived. There were 10 children and 1 mother who care for the children and look after them. There, the children were given full facilities like T.V., fridge, different games to play, proper beds, nutritious food, etc. They are getting education mostly in public schools in the nearby areas. We saw that in most houses, there were a no. of medals and trophies won by the children in different activities and academics. We were really surprised and felt good to see all this. We also met a 4 month old girl, Sakshi, and it was really astonishing experience to see such a small child. The mother’s who take care of these children were really warm welcoming and soft spoken and willingly told us about their children. We also met Mr. Godboley, who was a fatherly figure for all of them and he told us something more about the orphanage to which we heard with great interest. The Bal Gram was started in 1979 on World Children’s Day and till now it has flourished as a great organization working for the children. The children over there were either destitute or one parent alive or were brought up to the Bal Gram by police. They adopt only 0-7 year old children and send them to school, teach them and leave them alone to live their life only when they are properly settled for a bright future. At present there are 104 children and 9 mothers in the orphanage. The very small children that were either 1 day or a few days old are kept in Shishu Grah, where they are given care as per their needs. Till now 50-60 girls got married and are living a happy married life. Last year, a brilliant girl of Bal Gram cleared the IAS entrance exam. These children are being given a proper exposure to the outside world by taking them to different trips. They have visited Adventure Island, Delhi Haat and even had a nice trip in Metro so that they don’t remain bereft of the pleasures that we children get in our normal lives. Their children have been sent to exchange programmes in countries like England. We interacted with them and they were really happy in our company. There was a nice girl who would we married soon and she was a really nice singer and also sang a song for us. We left the place with a heavy heart but with a promise to come back again with great excitement and games for the children. We took with us, 10 packets of 20 kgs of flour, 20 kgs of rice, 20 kgs sugar and some packets of pulses and some toys for the children. We also bought cards worth Rs. 2100 there only and rest we are selling to collect more funds. It was a memorable experience which motivates us towards extending our hands to help these children to lead a better life.

We are grateful to our Principal Ma’am Mrs. P. Datta, our Headmistresses Mrs. Kaul and Mrs. Kumar for guiding and inspiring us for such a Rotary Progress.

- Arushi Handa and Kaveri Bhatia

Thursday, November 4, 2010

SOS Children's Village, Bhawana

On the 18th October,2010 a group of interacters went to the SOS Children’s Village in Bhawana. We reached there around 10 a.m. We had a chat with the manager of SOS Village, Mrs. Niharika and she gave us information about the infrastructure and its establishments. It is a Social Development Organisation active in the field of children’s rights which was established in the year 1974. It focuses on children without parental care and children of families in difficult circumstances. The total number of children in SOS village is 198. There are 19 families with approximately 10 children in each family and there are 10 cottages for these families to live in. Mother is the head of the family but the father figure is not there. She is a caring parent for each child and builds a close relationship with them. She runs the household independently and provides security and love that each child needs. Children here grow and learn together, share responsibilities and all their joys and sorrows of daily life. They are supported individually until they become independent adults. All their needs are kept in mind according to the changing scenario like technology, co-curricular activities, etc. Clothing allowance is provided to the children on occasions like festivals, birthdays etc. We took 20 packets of 10 kgs of floor, 20 kgs of rice, 10 kgs of sugar and packets of various pulses for them. They showed us their beautiful and spacious homes. We visited their library, music room, computer room, and a playground with volley ball court. It was like an artificial community. Our visit to the orphanage and interaction with the children was a warm experience.
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Wishing All Interactors And Teachers A Very Happy Diwali !
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