Monday, May 9, 2011

Visit to the Old age home

On 24th December 2010, the members of rotary club once again went to St. Mary’s Home for the Aged Women. We reached there by 11:45 a.m. We correlated with the old women listening to their stories and had a great time. Our Santa Claus, Alabhya Dhamija, distributed sweets to everyone. We also organised a short program for them which started with a beautiful poem by Ishaani lal. After this, Nikunj showed his talent of gymnastics. This was followed by a delightful song sung by Mehak and Aparna. Then, Palak and Surbhi gave a stunning dance performance. Aanchal, Vaibhavi and Nikita, sang amazingly. We enjoyed a facetious mimicry of Bharti. Then, Mudita and Arjun gave a splendid dance performance. This was ended by the Santa dancing with the ladies. They thoroughly enjoyed the program. After this, we all served food to them. We also donated them various necessary items. We listened to their problems and tried to console them. We left from there by 1:30 p.m. We are really honoured to visit such a place and offer support to them.


Rotary Young Leadership Awards, is an exciting and a challenging training programme for potential leaders full of excitement. I, along with other 5 interactors of our school went to attend this programme on 25th December,2010, held in Moti Lal Nehru School of Sports, Rai, Sonepat. An extremely exciting weather with fog everywhere accompanied us all along but still RYLA was heaps of fun. Late in the Christmas afternoon, we were up with registration and allotment in our hostels. Our hostels had their own charm. They were very tidy with 6-10 beds in each room. Our matron was a bit strict but extremely caring . She provided us with the best atmosphere. The programme was well-balanced with just as many activities as well as academic side of RYLA. We had a series of interesting seminars which enabled us to gain exposure to issues and exchange ideas with the spectators. We also had a fire slide talent hunt programme with brilliant performances reflecting the potentials of youngsters. It was loads of fun and we all danced as if we were never going to stop. The only thing of common interest was “THE FOOD”. There was a common mess for all the Rylians which offered mouth watering and a large variety of food. All of ended eating double the amount of food than we usually consume. The programme ended up giving a surprise concert to us by a singer Sidharth Mohan .
There wasn’t a single thing which we could criticize throughout the trip. RYLA indeed enables young people to debate issues of professional responsibilities, human relations, improved leadership & communicating skills and meet other interators, rotractors, Rotarians and make friends. We all have learnt the wealth of knowledge that we will use constantly throughout our lives.
Students who went on RYLA:
1. Ridhi Gupta
2. Arjun Mehta
3. Deepanshu Bansal
4. Shreshth Narula
5. Arushi Handa

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Inter –School Debate Competition
Inter-school debate competition was organized by Rotary interact club ok Kulachi Hansraj Model School on 20th January, 2011. It was sponsored by our parent club, Rotary Club of Delhi Garden City. Our school was the host school for the competition. Our hon’ble guests and judges were the members of the Rotary Club of Delhi Garden City. President, Dr. Hardeep Singh and Mrs. Bali, the director, enhanced the prestige of our competition with their presence. They enlighted the lamp of knowledge and shared their experiences of life with the students and made them realize the real meaning of life. The students enthusiastically participated and presented their views perfectly By the time, students were judged by secretary Rotarian, Pradeep Kumar, PP Rotarian, Hari Mamak, their was a classical dance performance by children of Balgram, Sonepat, Parent house, Delhi Garden City. There was also a kathak performance of Ms. Mehr Suri, member of Rotary Interact Club, KHMS. Then, the results were announced, although everyone deserved to be a winner but as it is the custom of every competition, best had to be declared, so the winner was Monfort School. At the end refreshments were given to the participants and the guests were escorted. Special thanks to Mrs. P.Dutta, our principal ma’am, headmistresses, Mrs. Kumar and Mrs. Kaul, our teachers Mrs. Sunita Saini and Mrs. Seema Lal for making this day a great success and a heartful of thanks to all the members of Rotary Interact Club for working hard to make this event a successful one.