Monday, April 30, 2012

Award for creating awareness on Road safety

Our school got a Trophy for the best & maximum Activities done in the year 2011-2012.It was given by the Special Commissioner of Traffic Police - Shri Sushil Dhar. The Trophy was received by the Teacher Coordinators-MS.SEEMA LAL & MS. SUNITA SAINI. OUR SCHOOL CHILDREN ,THE CLUB MEMBERS WERE HIGHLY APPRECIATED FOR THE WORK DONE TO CREATE AWARENESS ABOUT ROAD SAFETY. In'ON THE SPOT PAINTING COMPETITION'our school got two prizes in Junior category and one prize in the senior category to Paras Arora for the competition that was held in November at Pragati Maidan lawns, organised by Delhi Traffic Police. Dignitaries of Delhi Trafic Police and Hero Honda graced the occasion which was held at the India Gate lawns on 22nd Feburary 2012.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Navchetna Sports Day

On 4th April 2012, a Sports Day was organised by members of Interact Club of KHMS for the students of the Navchetna wing of the school. The events included Fancy card making 100m race and a Hurdle Race. The activity of fancy card making was demonstrated to everyone by the Interactor- Shreeya Katyal. The activity saw enthusiastic participation by the girls of Navchetna, who worked sincerely to create beautiful cards. The best cards were decided by the principal, Mrs.P.Datta and the winners were suitably awarded. The hurdle race followed, with the participants of the race being excitedly cheered and encouraged by their fellow mates & Interactors. The winners of the race were also awarded by the Interact Club. The event commenced with every participant being gifted with a pen by the members of the Interact Club.At the end students were given refreshments and everyone went happily.
Mr.Arya & Mrs.Arya extended their wholehearted support and the club is thankful to them.
As usual our teacher coordinators- Ms. Sunita Saini & Ms. Seema Lal were there to help and guide us.