Thursday, December 26, 2013


The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards held from 20th December,2013 to 22nd December,2013.
The event was delightful and remarkable. Leadership is an essential aspect of Rotary—and it offer both clubs and programs to help emerging leaders develop their skills. Through these groups, participants strengthen their leadership skills, serve their communities, increase their world understanding, build friendships, and more.

The Interact Club Of  Kulachi Hansraj Model School also participated in the gala event. The event begin on 20th of December,2013 when all the school and colleges arrives in the beautiful campus of OP JINDAL UNIVERSITY, SONIPAT. Several session regarding leadership and fundemental ethics were held. On the eminent  date the ROCK BAND night took place. The band fired the floor with their enthusiastic performance.

On the second day of the event several sports, art and cultural events took place. From our school Aditya Dewan and Vidit Bhomawat participated in the Table tennis competition. In the afternoon our school presented a small NUKAR NATAK on the theme of TAKE-NO-LOGY. The play reflects the harmful effects of the rising use of technology among the society. The play was well-appreciated by the audience. On the eve of the night our ROCK BAND NIGHT took place. Several schools and colleges presented their FLASH MOB. Our school also participated in the same event and backed an enthusiastic response. The night was joyful with lots of fun.

On the third day of the event the Prize Distribution Ceremony took place. The last seesion took place and the audience applauded the initiative and hardwork of each and every rotractor. The event ended with a heartful of memories.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

IV Inter-School

Extempore Debate Competition

  On 26th of November, 2013, Kulachi Hansraj Model School celebrated the gala event of  its IV Inter school Extempore Debate Competition. The event started by taking the blessing of almighty god sung by the nightingale of our school 'Sheena'This was followed by a beautiful 'Ganesh Vandana' performed by

The further proceed by 'LIGHTING THE LAMP OF KNOWLEDGE' by the honourably members of Rotary Club Delhi Garden City and welcoming the guest and judges of the event.The competition finally begin between two teams for qualifing for the final. After the chances of both the school 'Shreyence' the rockstar of our school performed a fantastic performance which filled the atmosphere with enthusiasm and vigour. The performance was praised by audience. The judges declared the result of the First round and one school from each debate qualified for the finale. 

The second round took place between the two teams of DAV Pushpanjali and DAV Gurgaon.In the remaing meantime 'Aditya' mesmerised the auditorium by performing his  magic on the participants and the judges. . The lunch break took place and after that another performance of 'Shreyence' took place which spell-bound the crowd in the movement of rhytm and beat.Another filler of 'Sheena' took place which made the crowd overwhelmed with joy and enthusiasm. The final round between the remaining two teams took place and the judges finally anounced the winner of the day. DAV Gurgaon was the winner of the trophy and the cash prize of 5000/- each.The crowd praised the hardwork and effort of each and every member.        

Result of the IV Annual Extempore Debate competition ,held in Kulachi Hansraj Model School sponsored by Rotary club of Delhi Garden City on 25th &26th November 2013.Winners: Trophy +Rs. 5000/-cash eachDav Gurgoan –Anmol Mittal and Shiman VaishishtRunner’s up -1100/- eachDAV Pushpanjali – Mayank Sharan & Pranjay Rana.Best Speaker: Rs.5000/-Anmol Mittal (DAV Gurgaon)Runner up speaker: RS.3000/- Mayank Sharma (DAV Pushpanjali)We are grateful to our Parent club - Rotary club of Delhi Garden City , for their effort and contribution for making this event a success.Teacher coordinators-Ms. Sunita Saini & Ms. Seema Lal.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Competition is open for the classes  X, XI, XII

Guidelines and Rules:
1.      Timing: The Debate Competition will be held on November 25 (Preliminary Rounds) and November 26 (Semi Finals and Finals).
2.      Debate Process:
-        Each School will be represented by a team of 2, both of whom will speak on the same side of the motion.
-        The topic for the Debate will be handed out by the organizers to each team 30 minutes before the Debate in the preliminary and semi-final rounds and 45 minutes prior to the final. The topic allocated to a particular Debate will be through a draw of lots
-        Each team will have 30 minutes to prepare its speeches in the preliminary and semi-final rounds, and 45 minutes for the final.
-        In the preliminary rounds and semi-final rounds, each speaker will have three minutes to present his/her case.
-        In the finals, each speaker will have three minutes to present his/her constructive case. After the constructive speeches, one speaker from each side will be given one minute to summarize his/her side’s case as well as rebut the opponent team. Additionally, after the speeches, each of the judges will ask one question to each side of the motion (which either of the two speakers on that side may answer) AND each side will be eligible to ask one question to the other.  The Speaker must restrict his/her answer to each question to not more than one minute.
-        Each Debate will be chaired by a Chairman who will introduce the speakers and the Judges. One of the Judges will announce the decision and provide a brief rationale for the decision.
3.      Evaluation Criteria:

The Speakers will be evaluated on the broad criteria of Content, Delivery, Logic and Flow, Summary and Rebut.

4.      Prizes:
-        The Winner School will be awarded a trophy and both Speakers will receive a cash reward of Rest 5000 each.
-        The Best Speaker will receive a cash award of Rs 5000
-        The Second Best Speaker will receive a cash award of Rs 3000.
-        Each member of the losing semi-finalist teams as well as the losing finalist team will receive book vouchers for Rs 1100.  
Note: Participants should wear white uniform and should be accompanied by a teacher

IV Inter-School Extempore Debate Competition

Organised by :
Entry Form
Name of the school


Phone no.

E mail id

Name of the participants

 Please sent the entry form, 

Two Interactors from our school Aryan Bisht and Vasu Shaha went for a training workshop .
20 Students from our school went to attend DILA at Apeejay Shiekhsarai. As usual it was a  informative and a wonderful learning experience.
Cabinet members were given training to enhance their ability to be able to manage the interact club in more efficient manne  & how to make our club better .It also told us about how the interact clubs are managed worldwide and what more can we do as Interactors to make our club the best..As always the Interactors were made to hear wonderful speakers who talked about personality development.
Our club coordinators form Rotary club of Delhi Garden city -Ms. Savita Wakalu & Mr. Chirag Jain were also there to encourage our team.
5th October,2013
On the invitation of Delhi Traffic Police

17 students from theInteract Club of our school went to the India Expo Centre,Greater Noida to attend the 8th Regional Conference on Road Infrastructure Safe Mobility on 5th October 2013. The students interacted with different dignitaries including  officers from Delhi Traffic Police. Different international companies were also there to sell their products which could help in managing the traffic and would also focus on Road Safety. The Delhi Traffic Police in collaboration with Honda also gave the students a virtual Safe Driving experience with the help of Virtual Two Wheeler Simulator and later on their driving was also assesed. There was also a Portable Exhibition Van which displayed various interesting facts and pictures related to Road Safety. Students also gathered information about different new innovations in Road Safety techniques put forward by leading National And International companies such as Larsen&Turbo(L&T), Intercomp etc. There were also some Government officials who explained the role of our government in the matters of roads and connectivity. Overall it was an overwhelming experience for all and it was quite useful and informative.
Students came to know about the roadsafety material/ euipment that is there all over the world. it was an exhibition of Road safety Infrastructure for safe mobilty on the Roads . It was an unusal experience both entertaining and informative. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

 Installation Ceremony 

 Interact club

  Kulachi Hansraj Model School

 31 July, 2013 - the Rotary Interact club of KHMS  inducted its new members .  The event started with lighting  the

lamp of knowledge  and a all prayer to the God, thanking him for such special day. 

The club coordinator, Mrs. Sunita Saini started the programme with a welcome address.This was followed by  the exchange of collars by the Past President with the new elect  president, 'Ishani Mahi'.

 Our outgoing president, 'Himani Kapoor' told us about the past achievements and events of the club. The newly elected cabinet was then decorated with their badges followed by an inspirational speech of the new elect president, Ishani Mahi. 

This year the theme of the club is Women Empowerment to awake the youth about this social issue. our outgoing cabinet members performed a play on the same issue. Then a couple of words by the dignitaries enlightened the ceremony followed by an enthusiastic song, sung by our Vice President(Poorva Garg) and a member(Sheena Arora) to bring the issue in limelight. The event came to an end with the National Anthem.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

   Interacters of 2013

Class XI 


  1. Siddharth Jasuja

  2. Geet Sehagl

  3. Tarun Rana 


    1. Rishab 

    2. Vardaan Sharma

    3. Ishani Mahi

    4. Varali Saroha


      1. Radhika 

      2. Alisha

      3. Nikunj Singh

      4. Urnik Gandhi 


        1. Shobit 

        2. Aditya Dewan 


          1. Divya Arora

          2. Kritika Arora

          3. Chahat Arora


            1. Poorva Garg

            2. Priyanka Sehgal

            3. Sakshi Khoker

            4. Vidit Bhomawat

            5. Sarthak Jain

            6. Esha Aggarwal

            7. Vaibhav Verma

            8. Ambika Tandon

            9. Prashasti Gupta


              1. Kartik Ranjan

              2. Shrey Jain

              3. Umang Aggarwal

              4. Kashish Saxena

              5. Aditi Ahuja

              6. Piyush Talwar 


                1. Harshit Jain


                  1. Nimisha Singh

                  2. Arjun Aggarwal

                  3. Deepashree Sonik

                  4. Pragya Virmani

                  5. Ishita Narang

                  6. Sheena Arora

                  7. Rushali Manchanda

                  8. Latika Gupta

                  9. Mannat Kheterpal


                    1. Samridhi

                    2. Mehar Dhawan

                    3. Tanya Gupta

                    4. Piyush Ashok

                    5. Vasu Saha

                    6. Aryan Bisht

                    7. Pankhuri Tulsain

                    8. Nimish Jagetiya


Friday, April 19, 2013


Nine is mine initiative conference was held at Columbus School , C.P . It's aim was to ensure that every child in India has a future. Our first session was about state of education in India , which was conducted by NAOMI JOSE , MR.SIDDHARTH PETER DE SOUZA & MR. MAINAK ROY . In this session we got to know that nearly only 30% children are getting higher education & their is a serious need to aware people about the importance of higher education . We also had a discussion on right to education . Moreover we were also made aware about the conditions of government schools in India. It acted as a eye opener for everyone - 200 girls in one class room are taught by one teacher without fans , without lights , without blackboard & no sanitary facilities -THIS IS THE CONDITION OF GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS . Our next session was on state of health in India by MS. SUKRITI CHAUHAN . We also had parallel sessions on creative media . Bieng the part of the campaign we realized our duty and would definitely take a step in near future .

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

                                    St. Columbus School
Rotary Club – Seminar on “Child Mortality”
Child mortality, also known as under-5 mortality, refers to the death of infants and children under the age of five. In 2011, 6.9 million children under five died, down from 7.6 million in 2010, 8.1 million in 2009 and 12.4 million in 1990
Child Mortality Rate is the highest in low-income countries, such as most countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. A child's death is emotionally and physically damaging for the mourning parents. Many deaths in the third world go unnoticed since many poor families cannot afford to register their babies in the government registry.

Four students of Interact Club of our School attended the seminar - Himani Kapoor (President), Akanksha Arya (Vice President), Kaushal Nagpal (Secretary) and Rajeev Chaturvedi (Interactor). It was as per them was a very inspiring and motivating seminar on a very sensitive issue – “CHILD MORTALITY”.
             All the speakers were able to connect with the audience and spreading the concern regarding the situation. Overall the seminar was great and really helped in creating awareness about this increasing problem.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards)

Interactors of Kulachi Hansraj Model School attended the 3-days camp - RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) at DPS RK Puram. The camp was a whole new experince for us to bear.

DAY -1
Lighting of lamp marked the beginning of RYLA. It was followed by a couple of dance performances by various schools.Our school performed a street play on women abuse which was appreciated by everyone - .
Then we attended seminars on "Create your Own Destiny" and "Ethics in Leadership & Team Building" which are surely going to help us bring out the hidden leader in us.
The highlight of the day was the cultural event in the evening where we represented various states of India and walked down the ramp.

DAY - 2
Day 2 started with a yoga session early in the morning , followed by seminars on "Developing Entrepreneurship Skills" , "Success that Succeeds" , "Sports & Leadership" and "Communication Skills in Effective Leadership"
Our school then performed a street play on water conservation which was given a standing ovation.
The evening bonfire and the bollywood night was a crazy experience for all of us.We took part in the ramp walk and danced the whole night long.

It was our final day in the camp. It started with sports activities in the morning and then team building and trust games. But it was not the end of our fun , something amazing was yet to come. We won the the award of "THE BEST PERFORMER" and Anannya Chatterjee of our school won the title of "BEST RYLARIAN".

Visit To Old Age Home


The members of Rotary Interact Club of Kulachi Hansraj Model School visited St Mary's Old Age Home on 24th December 2012,along with teacher incharges Mrs Sunita Saini and Mrs Seema Lal.Students interacted with the inmates of the old age home,and listened to them with great enthusiasm. A packet was prepared for each of the 20 inmates which consisted of the various things donated by the students and teachers of the school, such as blankets,mufflers,creams,packets of biscuits etc. Interactors prepared various performances to entertain the inmates, which were immensely enjoyed by them. Our Interactors also decorated the lawn and the church of the premisis.A lunch party was organised for them. Interactors, upon returning were blessed by the the inmates.They day left us with a heartwarming experience.