Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Competition is open for the classes  X, XI, XII

Guidelines and Rules:
1.      Timing: The Debate Competition will be held on November 25 (Preliminary Rounds) and November 26 (Semi Finals and Finals).
2.      Debate Process:
-        Each School will be represented by a team of 2, both of whom will speak on the same side of the motion.
-        The topic for the Debate will be handed out by the organizers to each team 30 minutes before the Debate in the preliminary and semi-final rounds and 45 minutes prior to the final. The topic allocated to a particular Debate will be through a draw of lots
-        Each team will have 30 minutes to prepare its speeches in the preliminary and semi-final rounds, and 45 minutes for the final.
-        In the preliminary rounds and semi-final rounds, each speaker will have three minutes to present his/her case.
-        In the finals, each speaker will have three minutes to present his/her constructive case. After the constructive speeches, one speaker from each side will be given one minute to summarize his/her side’s case as well as rebut the opponent team. Additionally, after the speeches, each of the judges will ask one question to each side of the motion (which either of the two speakers on that side may answer) AND each side will be eligible to ask one question to the other.  The Speaker must restrict his/her answer to each question to not more than one minute.
-        Each Debate will be chaired by a Chairman who will introduce the speakers and the Judges. One of the Judges will announce the decision and provide a brief rationale for the decision.
3.      Evaluation Criteria:

The Speakers will be evaluated on the broad criteria of Content, Delivery, Logic and Flow, Summary and Rebut.

4.      Prizes:
-        The Winner School will be awarded a trophy and both Speakers will receive a cash reward of Rest 5000 each.
-        The Best Speaker will receive a cash award of Rs 5000
-        The Second Best Speaker will receive a cash award of Rs 3000.
-        Each member of the losing semi-finalist teams as well as the losing finalist team will receive book vouchers for Rs 1100.  
Note: Participants should wear white uniform and should be accompanied by a teacher

IV Inter-School Extempore Debate Competition

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 Please sent the entry form to:lal.seema@rediffmail.com, 
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Two Interactors from our school Aryan Bisht and Vasu Shaha went for a training workshop .
20 Students from our school went to attend DILA at Apeejay Shiekhsarai. As usual it was a  informative and a wonderful learning experience.
Cabinet members were given training to enhance their ability to be able to manage the interact club in more efficient manne  & how to make our club better .It also told us about how the interact clubs are managed worldwide and what more can we do as Interactors to make our club the best..As always the Interactors were made to hear wonderful speakers who talked about personality development.
Our club coordinators form Rotary club of Delhi Garden city -Ms. Savita Wakalu & Mr. Chirag Jain were also there to encourage our team.
5th October,2013
On the invitation of Delhi Traffic Police

17 students from theInteract Club of our school went to the India Expo Centre,Greater Noida to attend the 8th Regional Conference on Road Infrastructure Safe Mobility on 5th October 2013. The students interacted with different dignitaries including  officers from Delhi Traffic Police. Different international companies were also there to sell their products which could help in managing the traffic and would also focus on Road Safety. The Delhi Traffic Police in collaboration with Honda also gave the students a virtual Safe Driving experience with the help of Virtual Two Wheeler Simulator and later on their driving was also assesed. There was also a Portable Exhibition Van which displayed various interesting facts and pictures related to Road Safety. Students also gathered information about different new innovations in Road Safety techniques put forward by leading National And International companies such as Larsen&Turbo(L&T), Intercomp etc. There were also some Government officials who explained the role of our government in the matters of roads and connectivity. Overall it was an overwhelming experience for all and it was quite useful and informative.
Students came to know about the roadsafety material/ euipment that is there all over the world. it was an exhibition of Road safety Infrastructure for safe mobilty on the Roads . It was an unusal experience both entertaining and informative.