Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Visit to Old Age Home



Following our annual ritual we visited the beautiful and serene St. Mary's old age home on 31st December.

Before this, many of us have never been to an old age home, So we were wondering what would it be like. Nice or Nasty? Soon our curiosity was satisfied.

The inmates were  friendly and they welcomed us like they were waiting for us since forever this filled us with instant endearment.                           

In the next few hours, we did a small dance-music-magic   entertainment programme and engaged in conversations where they told us about their long lives,learned lessons and honest outbursts buried in heart.

 As christmas-new year gifts we presented to each inmate with "Packages" containing various items of utility
donated by the students and staff of our school. We also eagerly served the delicious lunch.

After that we interacted with them again for a while and then just as the afternoon haze was setting in, and need for siesta showed itself in yawns, we said our "good-byes" with a promise to return  again next year :')

We are so glad that our visit to Old Age Home added festive cheer in the monotonous mundane. But more than this, we realized 
the love for grandparents and our duty towards our parents because there are 3 things in life that are once gone will never come back-Time,Words and Loved ones


This is last the event for Cabinet of 2014-15. We wish the next batch all the very best and excuse us for this late post.