Wednesday, September 30, 2015

6th Annual Extempore Debate At India International Centre

 DAY 1;

The 6th Inter-school Extempore Debate organised by our school was held at the India International Centre on the 18th and the 19th of August.

The event kicked off with great zeal and enthusiasm which was followed

 Our interactors, Devyani Singh and Vinayak Kohli, gave a praiseworthy performance on the song 'Dheem da dhare' gathering a lot of applause from the audience.

Soon after the dance, the president of the Rotary club of Garden city, Mr. Vivek Kataria told the participants about the rules and regulations that were meant to be followed by them. With that the 6th Inter-school Extempore Debate had officially begun.

The participants were given the topics half an hour before their debates to search for the information about it.

The atmosphere radiated intellect. With the air so thick and the competition so tough, we all were graced with some really heated and intense debates. Pallavi Marvah, head girl of the school and Diksha Sharma, a part of the cabinet of the school participated from our school.

the debates were held in two different rooms but one thing was common which we are sure of is that the audience of both of the rooms had heard some pretty amazing discussions. The passion they held was admirable. Some of them, their words were so powerful that it moved us.  

DAY - 2 ;

 The battle to win the ethreal silver trophy and the title, took a heed on the day 2 organised by Interact Club Of K.H.M.S.

There was dilemmas among all as the competitors raised their opinions high and the rebuts were unbeatable leaving us all thinking hard..

 To ventilate the heat of the debates, Sanchit and Karandeep of K.H.M.S gave a rhythmic performance with soulful touch of euphoric singing.

 Soon after that, Our judges came on one conclusion to decide the winner of the intellectual competition, He further exclaimed how smart this generation is!

 Modern School Barakhambha Road was declared The Winner Of The 6th Annual Extempore Debate, They truely deserved it.


 And the event was a hit! Thanks to Mrs. Seema Lal and Mrs. Sunita Saini ma'am for guiding us to organise such a big event!