Monday, November 30, 2015

'Rally And Blood Donation Camp'


"You don't have to be a doctor to save life."
On 26th November, with the help of our Interactors, Co-operative teachers and Mr.  Anshuman Sir we were able to succeed in RALLY of BLOOD DONATION CAMP.

Our team distributed pamphlets to people,talked to them and marched with slogans near roadside. They also raised awareness to donate blood to needy ones by visiting in colonies situated near our school.


On 28th November 2015, Interact Club of our school organised Blood Donation Camp in school premises and it turned out to be a great success. This noble act saved the lives of needy ones. Interactors and teachers also organised rallies and updated information on social networking sites to spread the message. The credit goes to our Interactors and support of Rotary Club Of Delhi Garden City, Rotary Club Of Noida and our co-operative teachers. We collected 93 units of blood. Donors were provided with refreshment, donor's card and a mug as a momentum.

Our Interactors Doing Registration. 

                                Ritika, Muskan and Agrima were given the task of registration.

Young Donors Of Our School.

Other people joining this noble act.

Participation Of Our Teachers In This Noble Act.

Disposable medical equipments were used for blood donation.

Thalassemia - genetic blood disorder passed through family to an individual. Our Interact Club gave full opportunity to all for checkup at reasonable rate that is 250 rupees only. Fourteen people got it checked.

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