Wednesday, October 19, 2016


A great man once said, " Orphanages are the only places that could leave us feeling empty and full at the same time. "

The Interact Club of our school gave a golden opportunity by organizing a visit to Balgram Orphanage, Sonepat on 15th October'16. 

On our arrival, we were given an ecstatic welcome by all of the cute little children and house mothers.
We took along with us loads of gifts- stationary items, clothes and toys for children.

Tanisha Narang and Geetika Verma gave a wonderful dance performance. This was followed by a heart-touching song 'Tu Jo Mila' by Lekhita Sharma and Aparna.

Ms. Samdisha with a team of our peer educators awared the inmates about POCSO (Protection Of Children from Sexual Offences).

All the children were in high spirits and glee.
The teachers and members enthusiastically interacted with inmates and house mothers.

We also got a chance to see their cottages which were cozy and comfortable.

We were glad to see their zest for life.

We appreciated the presence of members of our Parent Club Of Delhi Garden City.

The serenity and simplicity of the place touched our hearts and before we left for school, we gave each of them bear hugs.

The innocence in their eyes and smiles will linger in our souls forever.

Friday, October 14, 2016



The interact club of our school organized a Blood Donation Camp on 8th October 2016. The event started at 8 am in the morning and went till 1:30 in the afternoon. It was a huge success.
People came from nearby areas. Teachers and parents both donated blood with great enthusiasm. 

We had a very systematic set up for registration and donation. The camp was organised keeping in mind the health requirements of the donars. Blood Pressure was checked and then only the person was allowed to donate blood. There were doctors and assistants available for help and support. Each and every person was welcomed with a smile and was thanked and acknowledged. 

Cabinet members were full of zeal and enthusiasm. They could motivate people to donate blood and provided full support to each and every person.

Our teachers in-charge also donated  blood. 

Sunday, October 9, 2016



Our school organizes a blood donation camp every year along with Rotary Garden City every year but before that students try to enroll people in the nearby colonies and area to donate blood. The same thing happened on 5th October 2016 when all the interactors were on the streets again. 

Everyone was full with energy and zeal to create the blood donation a success. Students used various slogans and taglines to attract people to spread a word. There were pamphlets which were distributed among the masses. 
We had interactions with the people so that we could explain them about blood donation and its positive aspects where one would be saving a life somewhere on the planet. People of societies and nearby areas promised to come along with other donars to support the motion.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Eno Tree Plantation Day -September-2016


Interactors of Kulachi celebrated the Eno Tree Plantation Day  by undertaking the Tree Plantation project. Interactors went to the Municipal Park in the neighbourhood of the school, which our school has adopted and is nurturing. Our interactors along with the teacher coordinator  Seema Lal went to the park and planted trees and forwarded the cause –‘ 100 million tree plantation …building blocks for peace.’
They also walked around the colony creating awareness and displaying placards-    I PLANT A TREE FOR PEACE.

Interactors were excited and enjoyed being part of the noble project.
Some glimpse...........

'DILA 2016'

Toshika Soni and Shriya Jindel went from our school for the post of DIR and ZIR respectively where Toshika Soni has been selected as the DIR and Shriya Jindel has been selected as the coordinator. 

DILA- District Interact Leadership Assemby took place on 2nd September 2016 at Apeejay School, Sheikh Sarai, New Delhi- 110017. Our cabinet for the year 2016 attended the program with our teacher coordinators, Ms. Sunita Saini and Ms. Seema Lal. 
The progman began by the inaugral session by MOC- Rtn Rajiv Sagar. After the inaugural assembly, Shivani Aggarwal DIR 2015-16 was invited to share her experience and list of works done for the community in the last year.
Then came the moment of proud and honor for our school when TOSHIKA SONI was pinned as the          DIR for the year 2016-17. Toshika Soni gave her acceptance speech and promised to work hard for the betterment of the society.
District Governor, Dr. N Subramanian addressed the gathering which was truly exceptional.
All the office bearers and teachers coordinators of the Interact Clubs were sent to their respective rooms for training. 
The rest of the interactors gave beautiful performances on burning social issues such as Women Empowerment, Cleanliness etc.
Also, students from our school presented a street play on the topic 'Cyber Crime' which stunned the gathering and was appreciated by all.