Friday, August 11, 2017

Installation ceremony-2017

29TH JULY 2017
The auspicious day of installation started with the zeal & enthusiasm.
It was held in the Seminar Room which had jublilant and beaming  interactors who organized the ceremony in the smoothest manner.
Guests from Rotary Club of Delhi Garden City-President-Sunitaji & Secretary-Deepikaji with Mr. Tanejaji were warmly welcomed by our Incoming President and Vice President with warmth and respect. Guests along with our Principal Mam lit the Lighting Lamp of knowledge.

The function started with a Gyatri Mantra and a divine prayer, invoking the positive thoughts. 
Our gusts were welcomed and were gifted a sapling each with a message- 'Plant a Tree for better Future'.

After the introduction of the guests , there was 'Exchange of Collar' between past and newly Elect Presidents.Our New Team of interactors was decorated with badges by our Hon’ble Principal Ma’am and our esteem guests. 

                                                     Vice Persident: Anisha Arya

Group photo- Principal Mam, guests of Rotary Club of Delhi Garden City and  New Interact Cabinet.

This followed by a mesmerising  Bharatnatyam by, Isha Aggarwal of XI-J, which left all the guests and interactors speechless. The dance was followed by 'a skit on Blood Donation' which highlighted how contribution of each and every member of society is necessary for a good cause. The skit was short and catchy and highlighted the need of blood banks & donors.

 Last year interactors were awarded and appreciated for their success and achievements.
Previous year's activities were showcased by Dev Sareen, former President of Interact Club .

  Toshika Soni & Dev Sareen were awarded with 'Best Interactors Award.'

                                  New President Elect -Vishrut Mahi briefing everyone about the projects to be undertaken in the session-2017-18

                                        Interactors were encouraged and blessed by President Sunitaji  
The ceremony ended with vote of thanks .
All Interactors were happy and smiley with their collars decorated with badges.Our teacher coordinators Ms. Seema Lal, Ms. Samdisha & Ms. Ritu Salil helped us to make the ceremony smooth and memorable one.

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