Friday, November 3, 2017

On 13 October 2017 we made our annual visit to the blagram orphanage. We werewelcomed by all the cute children of Blagram. The children were happier than one could possibly imagine. It was chaos of a happiness. All of us were surprised by their response. Even though they spent only few hours with us yet they seemed to have developed a special bond with us. We inquired about their lifestyle and saw their houses. It was an inspiring moment. During our visit we learned the power of hope and satisfaction. The purpose behind it was to sensitize us towards these countless children who unfortunately do not have parents. These children aren't less than any of us and are equally talented. We had a really informing interactive session with them and the visit left a deep impact on us. We took along with us. We took along with us various presents including toiletries, stationery items, books, etc., to make our visit more productive. The visit went well, thanks to the teacher coordinators- Ms. Ritu and Ms. Seema lal plus the dedicated team of Interactors.
Some glimpses of the event.........

Some Pictures of the visit.