Tuesday, October 2, 2018

 Special Assembly- Independence Day

   14th August, 2018

In the spirit of Independence Day, Kulachi Interact club decided to celebrate by distributing flags made by the members which were proudly worn by students, teachers, incharges, and Principal Ma’am herself. Each interactive made 10-12 flags and put double tape on them to make them stick. Also, Diviniti Kothari was recognized as the ZIR and honoured on stage by Principal Ma’am. Interactors worked hard to spread the nationalism, integrity, and patriotism among all the students and staff.
Kudos to their effort and spirit.


Friday, September 28, 2018

District Interact Training Seminar (DITS)
26th July, 2018

DITS was organised in Sanskriti School,
Chanakyapuri, on 26th July, 2018.
It is an annual seminar held for the training of
new inducts and this year, it was attended by
70 schools with over 300 interactors. It is
conducted to train the President, Secretary,
and Treasurers of the club. Many upcoming
projects and suggestions were discussed.

From our school, President Radhika Narula,
Secretary Nirbhay Singh, Treasurer Harshita
Chopra, and ZIR Diviniti Kothari attended the
seminar along with teacher coordinator
Ms. Seema Lal.

Divinti Kothari was decorated with the
prestigious badge of ZIR- Zonal Interact

Interactors were trained and were told about
their duties, which corresponded to Rotary
International. Interaction of interactors with
students from various interact clubs
enhanced their speaking skills and motivated
them for future projects.

This seminar enriched and empowered
debating skills of our fellow interactors and
gave them an opportunity to voice their
thoughts and opinions out loud. It further
inspirited them to work hard on future
projects laid by our club.
Orientation Meet of DIR & ZIR- 2018-19

On 8th May, 2018, an Orientation Meet took place. Interaction among all members of the new team formed at the Zonal Level Interact Clubs, opinions and ideas regarding various activities to be conducted throughout this year were discussed, and the new team got an opportunity to meet Rotarians.

Diviniti Kothari, the selected ZIR from Kulachi Interact Club, along with teacher coordinator, Ms. Ritu Salil, went to attend the meet at Hansraj Model School, Punjabi Bagh.

She was introduced to other members of the team and met dignified Rotarians. Members of the new team voiced their ideas and opinions and learned how to sync them with Rotary International and other clubs. Activities which would be undertaken this year were discussed as well.

All the chosen ZIRs and the DIR came back with a motivation to work towards proposed ideas and future projects.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Installation Ceremony-2018-19

Installation Ceremony-2018
July 12, 2018


Just like every new beginning succeeds another, New Cabinet of the year 2018-19 succeeded the old with a sense of dignity and pride.
The auspicious ceremony began with the lighting of lamp by the President of our parent club- Mr. Deepak Verma.
This was followed by a melodious prayer sung by the music department accompanied by student interactors.

Guests from Rotary Club of Delhi Garden City- Mr. Deepak Verma, Ms. Payal, and Mr. Rajeev Taneja were welcomed by our Incharge Ms. Yashu and our Vice President with love and respect. The guests were given potted plants as one small plant will grow and work towards a better future.

A mesmerising classical dance performance was performed by the new cabinet members. This was succeeded by a 'Nukkad Natak’ presented by young interactOrs on the topic 'Health and Hygiene’, which happens to be our theme this year along with 'Save Water'. This short play left the audience awestruck.

Out-going President, Vishrut Mahi, gave a report on previous year's projects with a presentation and thanked his team and teachers for their support.
Then, Mr. Deepak Verma addressed the audience and discussed the two main objectives of this club- service to humanity and the importance of fellowship.

An exchange of collar took place and our ex-president ceremoniously honoured our new president, Radhika Narula. The new team was then decorated with badges by our guests.

Radhika briefed everyone about this year's objectives. Following that, last year's cabinet was honoured with certificates and the award for the Best Interacter was won by Aman Jain, who is currently the Head boy of our school.

Aman Jain also presented a breathtaking monologue on women's rights, the intensity of which moved the whole room.

Then, Principal Ma'am addressed us and talked about electricity and water conservation.

The ceremony ended with a vote of thanks. Our incharges, Ms. Seema Lal, Ms. Samdisha Alagh, and Ms. Ritu Salil helped us move through this ceremony smoothly and efficiently.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Special Assembly - 10th May, 2018

Special Assembly - 10th May, 2018

Theme of the assembly was “Go Creative”

Student - Interactors of Humanities, FDGC and IT sections of class XI brought together a beautiful and entertaining series of performances for the special assembly. The assembly began with Ganesh Vandana followed by a fusion dance performance combining Western and Indian dance forms which ended with a huge applause by the audience. Apoorva of class XI J painted a portrait of Madam Principal on the spot  within minutes and left the audience awestruck. Swasthi and Ananya of  XI J sang a self-composed song with cup-tapping. Students took the audience on a creative journey from instrumental performances to fine arts to gymnastics and garment designing with a unique blend of all  forms of art. 
The assembly concluded with a Grand Finale - A Fashion Show where the students of FDGC designed their outfits themselves and left the audience mesmerized yet again.

It is rightly said that “ you can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

Budding Artist -Apoorva with Principal Mam's Portrait.

Our ZIR -Divinit Kothari, perfoming... 

Our Secretary Nirbhay Singh- doing a Role Play
Acting as Bindeshwer Pathak -founder of Sulabh International.

Girls singing song and giving music with tapping of cups....
Director- Swasti

All participants with Principal Mam

Friday, May 25, 2018

Orientation Meet-8th May 2018

Orientation Meet
8th May 2018
Hansraj Model School
 ZIR - Diviniti Kothari
Being chosen as one of the ZIRs, fills me with immense pride as well
as gratitude towards all those people who have smoothen my journey
so far. When I stand with the Rotarians, DIRs and ZIRs ,it makes me
more responsible ,as today ,I represent not only myself and my school
but all the schools that come under my zone and their projects for
social benefit.

Recently, our newly selected District Interact team was Invited for a
brief orientation at Hansraj Model School, Punjabi Bagh. All my
nervousness and excitement ceased when I met some of the familiar
faces, I had been acquainted with them on the day of interview.
After being assembled, we were introduced to the Rotarians of our
Parent Club .A brief interactive session took place wherein all the
interactors were encouraged to discuss about the projects for the
upcoming year. Main issues under our concern for the following year
will be Drug Abuse ,Menstrual Hygiene ,Media Literacy, LGBTIQ, Road
Safety to name a few…..

I consider myself fortunate enough, being surrounded by such
knowledgeable people. We all were encouraged to encourage other
interacts to do something purposeful for the society and justify our
Rtn. Gaurav Ahuja made us realize that a dream becomes a goal when
a step is taken towards its achievement and the starting point of all
achievements is desire. In all, it was a memorable experience as it
was my first step towards a big change .

Workshop -Cultivating Debating skills-26th April

Workshop Cultivating Debating skills
26th April, 2018
Seminar Room-1 (KHMS)

On 26th April a workshop was conducted to  cultivate and enhance  debating skills of the budding debators.

The guest speaker was Mr. Deepak Verma, who has also been the President of the Debating society of India.
Sir addressed the students , told them how to open and conclude the debate. He also talked about varied forms of arguments and how to put forth ones argument.
It was very enriching session ,interactors benefited immensely.

Also in the second hafl of the workshop interactors discussed and debated on the topics given.
All this will go long way and will help prepare students in their future.
Ritu Salil ,as Interact coordinator was a great help in organising the workshop.

Monday, May 21, 2018

New Team-2018-19

Congratulations to the selected Team !

Radhika Narula
11 J
Vice President
Dhruvica Gupta
11 F
Nirbhay Singh
11 J
Joint Secretary
Kritika Sharma
11 C
Cultural Secretary
Somya Bansal
11 E
Sergeant-At -Arms
11 I
Treasurer I
Treasurer II
Vansh Verma
11 I
11 G
Head Editorial Board
Rakshita Mathur
11 I
  • Diviniti Kothari
  • Srishti Goswami
  • Vaishali Jaipal
  • Tumul Ranjan (ED)
  • Swati Srivastava (ED)
  • Charvi
11 J

11 I

11 J

11 C

11 J

11 J

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Membership Form 2018-19


 Paste your recent Passport size photograph here
Interact Club Membership Form 2018-19

1. Name: _______________________________________

2. Class & Section: _______________________________________

3. Are you already an Interact Club member? (Yes/No) 

4. Why do you want to join the Interact Club? (50-70 words)

5. Are you a member of any other club running in the school? If yes, please mention the details.

6. Have you ever been given a position of responsibility in school (prefect, captain, head boy/girl)? If yes, mention the post.

7. Mention your hobbies, exceptional talents and achievements.

8. Are you computer savvy? If yes, what are you good at?

9. Give ideas of community service projects that the club can take up this year. (Mention 2)

10. Visit our blog http://rotarykhms.blogspot.in and mention what interested you the most and why.
11. If selected as a member of the Interact Club, would you also like to hold any one of the following positions with its Cabinet? If yes, mention which one and justify why?

  • President – Overall head of the Cabinet
  • Vice President – Works with and in absence of the President
  • Secretary – Next to the President, organizes activities
  • Cultural Secretary – Manages cultural activities
  • Sergeant at Arms – Conducts meetings
  • Treasurer – Manages accounts
  • Head Editorial Board – Manages club’s blog and prepares reports
  • Director – Helping hands to the Cabinet 
  • _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Membership form-2018-19


11th April, 2018


This is to inform all the students of Class IX and XI that Interact Club Membership forms for the year 2018-19 are available with Spandani Kalra and Yashika Jain of Class XII-J. The form has also been uploaded to the following address - http://rotarykhms.blogspot.in

Interested students can submit their forms latest by 16th April, 2018 to the undersigned.

Ms. Seema Lal
Ms. Samdisha Alagh
Ms. Ritu Salil

Form  can be downloaded and a printout is to be submitted.

Governor's Official Visit-16th March 2018

Governor's Official Visit-16th March 2018
Presentation of annual report of Kulachi Interact Club highlighting various activities conducted by the club throughout the year (2017-18)
Presenting ppt...

Taking advice...

With the Governor, President     Sunitaji and Secretary Deepika ji

President Vishrut Mahi and Vice-President Vrinda Bhardwaj of Kulachi Interact Club attended the Annual GOV meet organised by our parent club Rotary Club of Delhi Garden City at hotel - The Lodhi. They were accompanied by two teacher coordinators - Ms. Seema Lal and Ms. Samdisha Alagh.
 Our interactors gave a presentation highlighting the activities
(Installation Ceremony, Blood Donation Camp, visit to Old Age Home,etc)  undertaken by Kulachi Interact Club in the year 2017-18. They also threw light on the proposed activities of the club for the session 2018-19.