Friday, May 25, 2018

Orientation Meet-8th May 2018

Orientation Meet
8th May 2018
Hansraj Model School
 ZIR - Diviniti Kothari
Being chosen as one of the ZIRs, fills me with immense pride as well
as gratitude towards all those people who have smoothen my journey
so far. When I stand with the Rotarians, DIRs and ZIRs ,it makes me
more responsible ,as today ,I represent not only myself and my school
but all the schools that come under my zone and their projects for
social benefit.

Recently, our newly selected District Interact team was Invited for a
brief orientation at Hansraj Model School, Punjabi Bagh. All my
nervousness and excitement ceased when I met some of the familiar
faces, I had been acquainted with them on the day of interview.
After being assembled, we were introduced to the Rotarians of our
Parent Club .A brief interactive session took place wherein all the
interactors were encouraged to discuss about the projects for the
upcoming year. Main issues under our concern for the following year
will be Drug Abuse ,Menstrual Hygiene ,Media Literacy, LGBTIQ, Road
Safety to name a few…..

I consider myself fortunate enough, being surrounded by such
knowledgeable people. We all were encouraged to encourage other
interacts to do something purposeful for the society and justify our
Rtn. Gaurav Ahuja made us realize that a dream becomes a goal when
a step is taken towards its achievement and the starting point of all
achievements is desire. In all, it was a memorable experience as it
was my first step towards a big change .

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