Monday, May 28, 2018

Special Assembly - 10th May, 2018

Special Assembly - 10th May, 2018

Theme of the assembly was “Go Creative”

Student - Interactors of Humanities, FDGC and IT sections of class XI brought together a beautiful and entertaining series of performances for the special assembly. The assembly began with Ganesh Vandana followed by a fusion dance performance combining Western and Indian dance forms which ended with a huge applause by the audience. Apoorva of class XI J painted a portrait of Madam Principal on the spot  within minutes and left the audience awestruck. Swasthi and Ananya of  XI J sang a self-composed song with cup-tapping. Students took the audience on a creative journey from instrumental performances to fine arts to gymnastics and garment designing with a unique blend of all  forms of art. 
The assembly concluded with a Grand Finale - A Fashion Show where the students of FDGC designed their outfits themselves and left the audience mesmerized yet again.

It is rightly said that “ you can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

Budding Artist -Apoorva with Principal Mam's Portrait.

Our ZIR -Divinit Kothari, perfoming... 

Our Secretary Nirbhay Singh- doing a Role Play
Acting as Bindeshwer Pathak -founder of Sulabh International.

Girls singing song and giving music with tapping of cups....
Director- Swasti

All participants with Principal Mam

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