Saturday, October 27, 2018

9th October, 2018

On 9th October, 2018, interactors and 2 teacher coordinators attended District interact leadership assembly (DILA). This event was hosted by Rotary Public School, Gurugram. The theme for this year was “Let's make new generations practice leadership.”
As soon as the interactors entered the school, a group picture was clicked. Interact Clubs from various schools of the district gave competitive performances. The programme started with some fun games which were related with unforgettable life lessons.
Then, introduction was given by Sir Preeti SiVinod Ji who mentioned ,”Never compare your life with others.”
DIR Khushboo told everyone about DILA.
Then, finally, the performances started.
Our school performed a poem named 'Look within’, composed by Ms. Ritu Salil. Our president Radhika Narula recited this poem and our team members enacted it out.
The performances ended on a bright note and left us all awestruck.
RJ Yuvi entered the venue and entertained all of us. He initiated some interactive games and, on a serious note, talked about how young teenagers like us, being a part of interact club, were helping this world.
Members of our club also exhibited the activities undertaken this year through a poster. All in all, this event was a huge success and all members of our club who attended this event learned important lessons.

Giving thanks to the interact coordinators.

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