Thursday, October 25, 2018

2nd August, 2018

Kulachi Hansraj Model School, in association with parent club of Rotary Club of Delhi Garden City, organised the 9th Annual Inter-school debate competition, held on 2nd August 2018. Like each year, our school hosted this grand event with absolute perfection. Various schools of Delhi and Delhi NCR participated in this event.
The setting was extravagant and everyone was excited. Registration started early in the morning and our school greatly appreciated the turn out.

Honourable President of our parent club, Mr. Deepak Sharma, told us the importance of debate. He talked about how an impactful debate leaves the whole audience speechless and in awe and stated that he expected such debates from the participants.

Ms.Surbhi talked about success. She defined success as ,"One step beyond you were yesterday.”

Moderator Mr. Vivek Katyal specified the rules for the competition.
Each team presented their views "for and against the motion". Every student was enthusiastic and participated with zeal and passion.

The topic for the final round of the debate was “How artificial Intelligence should be used.”
The winner was Modern School Barakhamba.

The second position was obtained by Pathway International School.

V.S Nilaree was the excellent speaker of this competition. She compelled us all with her mesmerizing debate and deserved the award.

Teacher coordinators Ms. Ritu Salil, Ms. Samdisha Alagh, and Ms. Seema Lal made it possible for such a delightful event to take place. All in all, the debate competition, like always, was a great success and we all learned many crucial skills.

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