Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Latest Happy New Year 2011 Scraps.

Wishing all the interactors a very Happy New Year 2011
From Editorial Board

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Debate Competition - Global Warming Fact or a Fuss

We are pleased to inform you that Rotary Interact Club of Kulachi Hansraj Model School is organizing a debate competition on the topic: Global Warming - Fact or a Fuss.

Venue : Auditorium

Date : 20th January 2011

Registration : 8:30a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

Commencement of Competition : 9:15 a.m.

Prize distribution : 12:30 p.m.

Please send us your entries by either sending a mail to or by sending us a fax on 011-27454950 latest by the 30th of December 2010.

Monday, December 6, 2010


On 5th December 2010, all Rotarians of different schools gathered at India Gate to 'Walk for BLOOD'. We reached there at 9:00 a.m. for Blood Donation Campaign. The campaign was conducted to encourage people to 'DONATE BLOOD".

Head of Rotary International Club gave speech about the need for Blood Donation. She also told us that every year we require 11 million units of blood and we are able to fulfill only 8 million units. Many people die in the need of blood.

While rallying we shouted slogan :
"Be A Blood Donor
Its An Act Of Honour'

There were many volunteers from colleges as well. They were appointed as co-ordinators for different schools. they also participated in the campaign by shouting slogans with us. We walked for about 2 hours 30 minutes. Media was also there covering the event. Some of the members of our Interact Club were interviewed and covered by media.

We departed from there at 12:30 pm. Refreshments were provided to the participating members. Beautiful MUGS and T-Shirts with Blood Donation Message were given as momentos to all the participants. We had great fun in being associated with a cause.

photographs by Arjun Mehta,Yagya Arora,Kaveri Bhatia ,Deepanshu Bansal,
Shreshth Narula, Mudita Khurana, Alabhya Dhamija

Friday, November 19, 2010

Interactors Initiative – Empowering The Underpriviledged

Photographs by -Shreshth Narula

On 30th octobr the interactors of Rotary Club collected money by selling cards brought from Balgram Orphanage , Sonipat to raise money for welfare of underpriviledged . This activity was conducted in the school on the PTM in the Lobby and 2nd Floor. Sale of card yielded Rs 6100 in addition rotary club members contributed Rs 2500 thus a total collection of 8600 was achieved.We thank all those who contributed for the cause.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Visit to Bal Gram, Sonepat

- Photographs by Arjun Mehta and Deepanshu Bansal

As per the planning by our teachers, Mrs. Sunita Saini and Mrs. Seema Lal, we the members of the Rotary Interact Club visited BAL Gram on 23rd October 2010. Our teachers told us briefly about the place but we found it larger than life. The place was full of greenery with a no. of small cottages in which the children with their mothers lived. There were 10 children and 1 mother who care for the children and look after them. There, the children were given full facilities like T.V., fridge, different games to play, proper beds, nutritious food, etc. They are getting education mostly in public schools in the nearby areas. We saw that in most houses, there were a no. of medals and trophies won by the children in different activities and academics. We were really surprised and felt good to see all this. We also met a 4 month old girl, Sakshi, and it was really astonishing experience to see such a small child. The mother’s who take care of these children were really warm welcoming and soft spoken and willingly told us about their children. We also met Mr. Godboley, who was a fatherly figure for all of them and he told us something more about the orphanage to which we heard with great interest. The Bal Gram was started in 1979 on World Children’s Day and till now it has flourished as a great organization working for the children. The children over there were either destitute or one parent alive or were brought up to the Bal Gram by police. They adopt only 0-7 year old children and send them to school, teach them and leave them alone to live their life only when they are properly settled for a bright future. At present there are 104 children and 9 mothers in the orphanage. The very small children that were either 1 day or a few days old are kept in Shishu Grah, where they are given care as per their needs. Till now 50-60 girls got married and are living a happy married life. Last year, a brilliant girl of Bal Gram cleared the IAS entrance exam. These children are being given a proper exposure to the outside world by taking them to different trips. They have visited Adventure Island, Delhi Haat and even had a nice trip in Metro so that they don’t remain bereft of the pleasures that we children get in our normal lives. Their children have been sent to exchange programmes in countries like England. We interacted with them and they were really happy in our company. There was a nice girl who would we married soon and she was a really nice singer and also sang a song for us. We left the place with a heavy heart but with a promise to come back again with great excitement and games for the children. We took with us, 10 packets of 20 kgs of flour, 20 kgs of rice, 20 kgs sugar and some packets of pulses and some toys for the children. We also bought cards worth Rs. 2100 there only and rest we are selling to collect more funds. It was a memorable experience which motivates us towards extending our hands to help these children to lead a better life.

We are grateful to our Principal Ma’am Mrs. P. Datta, our Headmistresses Mrs. Kaul and Mrs. Kumar for guiding and inspiring us for such a Rotary Progress.

- Arushi Handa and Kaveri Bhatia

Thursday, November 4, 2010

SOS Children's Village, Bhawana

On the 18th October,2010 a group of interacters went to the SOS Children’s Village in Bhawana. We reached there around 10 a.m. We had a chat with the manager of SOS Village, Mrs. Niharika and she gave us information about the infrastructure and its establishments. It is a Social Development Organisation active in the field of children’s rights which was established in the year 1974. It focuses on children without parental care and children of families in difficult circumstances. The total number of children in SOS village is 198. There are 19 families with approximately 10 children in each family and there are 10 cottages for these families to live in. Mother is the head of the family but the father figure is not there. She is a caring parent for each child and builds a close relationship with them. She runs the household independently and provides security and love that each child needs. Children here grow and learn together, share responsibilities and all their joys and sorrows of daily life. They are supported individually until they become independent adults. All their needs are kept in mind according to the changing scenario like technology, co-curricular activities, etc. Clothing allowance is provided to the children on occasions like festivals, birthdays etc. We took 20 packets of 10 kgs of floor, 20 kgs of rice, 10 kgs of sugar and packets of various pulses for them. They showed us their beautiful and spacious homes. We visited their library, music room, computer room, and a playground with volley ball court. It was like an artificial community. Our visit to the orphanage and interaction with the children was a warm experience.
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Wishing All Interactors And Teachers A Very Happy Diwali !
From Editorial Board

Sunday, October 17, 2010

ZIR 2010

On 27 August 2010, three students of our school , Sharad Joshi,Udita Kapoor and Shefali appeared in an interview for the post of Zonal Interact Representative(ZIR). This interview took place at Chelmsford Club, New Delhi . Udita Kapoor got selected for the post and got the badge in DILA, which was held at APJ School, Sheikh Sarai on 3rd September 2010.
By Alabhya Dhamija

Monday, October 4, 2010

On 3rd September, 2010 DISTRICT INTERACT LEADERSHIP ASSEMBLY (DILA)was held at APJ, SHEIKH SARAI. It was an interact program for the interacters of different schools. We were warmly welcomed by the teachers of that school. The programs started at 9 am and ended at 1 pm .It was a training program conducted by Delhi Garden City.All the cabinet members and all the interactors were invited for this program. The cabinet members were taken to their respective rooms for training and members were taken to auditorium. There we got a chance to interact with other members of Rotary club of other schools. Rotary dignitaries took the training. They told us about the role of editorial members in Rotary. After this we again came back to the auditorium .There Ms Roma Bhatara encouraged the interactors to join Clean Delhi Drive an initiave by Art Of Living. This was followed by speech by Arindhum Chaudhary in which he emphasised the burden put by the parents on their children in studies. Then we took our
refreshments and started for our school.

By Alabhya Dhamija, Yagya Arora and Arjun Mehta

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


On 18th August 2010, The Rotary Interact Club of Kulachi Hansraj Model School inducted its new members in its installation ceremony. The function commenced in the confrence room of our school with the arrival of Cheif Guest Dr. Hardeep Singh, President of Rotary Club Delhi Garden City, Delhi.A no of other dignitaries were President Rotary Club Delhi Garden City, Mrs Datta, Mrs Kaul, Mrs Kumar,Mrs. Arya and other Members. The ceremony started with the lightning of the lamp. A prayer to invoke the blessings of God were sung by our music deptartment. After the prayer our honourable Principle welcomed the Guests and the Incoming Council. A skit was performed by class VIII students on 'Traffic Awareness'. The skit won IInd Prize in an inter school interact competition held by DAV Pushpanjali. This was followed by speech of incoming President-Taksh Gupta, Vice President - Shresht Narula and Director Editorial Board - Alabhya Dhamija with their presentations. 'Carbon Foot Prints' the theme for coming year 2010-2011 was announced.
This was followed by induction ceremony in which Outgoing President Udita Kapoor exchanged her collar with incoming president Taksh Gupta. Dr. Veena Bali and Dr.Hardeep Singh gave the badges to the cabinet members and Certificates of Appriciation to the members of outgoing team. 'BEST ROTARIANS' awards were given to Sharad Joshi and Deepak Gupta from outgoing team. After the installation, outgoing President Udita Kapoor addressed the gathering with a presentation .This was followed by provocating address by the President of Rotary Club Delhi Garden City Dr. Hardeep Singh. After that a musical performance was given by Karan Jot Singh and Sharad Joshi .The program ended with National Anthem.

Teachers coordinators : Ms Sunita Saini and Ms Seema Lal

posted by Alabhya Dhamija and Yagya Arora

Thursday, August 19, 2010

On the eve of the induction ceremony of rotary interact club of Kulachi Hansraj Model School our ex-president Udita Kapoor gave a speech to all our interactors. The speech is as follows :
“Good morning respected president and honourable dignitaries of Rotary of Delhi Garden city.
Respected principal ma’am, Kaul ma’am Mrs. Kumar and Mrs. Arya and my fellow interactors. I specially give a warm welcome to my mentors Mrs. Sunita Saini ma’am and Mrs. Seema Lal ma’am.
Today I, udita kapoor yet again stand on this podium wearing this prestigious collar, but today my aim is different. I shall remember every golden moment of the day when my ex president Vrinda handed me the responsibility of this amazing club.
Now when I stand here, I feel really nostalgic. Those meetings conducted by me gave a feeling of immense responsibility and enhanced my leadership qualities.
I have written a poem about my experience in this club :

First touch of that cloth,
Made me sweat like milk with froth.
But slowly those pearls of sweat
Turned cold and calm,
And I welcomed the responsibility
Warmly on my palm.
The sweat got soaked in
And the blood rushed through,
And then I vowed to my club that
I’ll be honest and true.
My mentors trusted me,
And so I never thought to flee!!
Memory of these meetings in this hall,
Makes my blood pressure to rise and fall.
I used to scream shout and command
My interactors (sharply enough)!
And they like sweet hearts never said a word.
That visit to the old age home and so many grannies,
I felt like they were the kids and we the nannies!!
That water rally made us really energetic
Made our blood rush,
But after our throats cried and begged us to hush!
What amazing time it used to be in the bus on the way,
Sharad’s songs and shagun’s dance
Used to make our bodies sway!!
Eache event is embedded in my brain,
Just like moment when I first felt the rain.
Each memory will remain ever fresh as a freshly formed dew,
On the bosom of my heart as I leave with tears very few.
I am not going away.
It’s just that now I can’t promise to shoulder the responsibility as before.
And so that I ask Taksh to do his favour to me.
My experience if I start narrating will not end today,
or tomorrow or ever.
But since the time is bound, I will now end my echoing sound.

Thanks to all my interactors for being so co-opeartive.
And I really love my mentors who gave me opportunities in abundance.
One thing I would like to add, once and interactor remains an interactor, and today I am handing over my collar but not my status as an interactor. Taksh, just remember, whenever you need me, you just have to look behind, and I’ll be standing there”.

Typed by Alabhya Dhamija

Road Safety Skit

On the 30th July 2010
there was a Road Safety skit competition organised by DAV Pushpanjali Enclave.

We the students of Kulachi Hansraj Model School, group of 8 students performed a skit titled “Traffic Awareness”.

In the skit the Traffic Light was pleading for'Mercy Killing' as she feels her existence is threatened as the public does not follow the traffic rules.

The skit was highly appreciated by the audience and we bagged the Second prize in the competition.

posted by Alabhya Dhamija

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cabinet of Rotary Interact Club 2010 – 2011.

The new Cabinet of the Rotary Interact Club (2010 -2011)has been selected. The interviews for the selection of the Cabinet had taken place in the 1st week of July. The following students are selected in the Cabinet and given the following posts.

President : Taksh Gupta
Vice President : Shreshth Narula
Secretary :Riddhi Gupta
Joint Secretary :Isha Ahuja
Sergeant at army :Siddarth
Treasurer I :Rahul Yadav
Treasurer II :Melani Kapoor
Cultural Secretary :Vaibhavi
Joint Cultural Secretary :Pooja Sharma
Director Club Committee :Kaveri Bhatia
Director Finance Committee :Mudita Khurana
Director Service Committee :Deepanshu Bansal
International Understanding Committee : Vartika Manchanda
Director Editorial Board :Alabhya Dhamija
Members of Editorial Board :
1. Yagya Arora
2. Arjun Mehta
3. Nikita Madan

posted by Alabhya Dhamija

Monday, June 7, 2010


INTERACT ROTARY CLUB gives us actual worth of our life. it teaches us discipline, self-confidence and personality development and also develops leadership qualities. it is a club for community service. this club is not for entertainment. we undertake many many projects like water rally to save water; traffic awareness project; say no to polybags etc.
in previous session.....
1)an interact session with interactors of other schools held i.e.. DILA.
2)we had collected fund for poors and for polio eradication.
3)we visited an old-age home and orphan age to serve them and interact with them.
4)some selected interactors were sent for ryla session in Eicher School at Faridabad where the best rylarian girl award was won by one of our interactor.
interested candidates are recquired to appear for an interview. the date has not finalised yet. the interview would be taken by mrs. seema lal and mrs.sunita saini.
for more information visit
by shefali bhatia

Monday, January 18, 2010



On 29th december 2009, group of students from our club went to an Old Age Home near civil lines. We all reched there by 10:30 a.m. There are about twenty women in that old age home. Some of them are very aged and most of them are Christians. We had a great time out there. We all interacted with them. They narrated to us many incidents. Then, we performed dance and a skit on 'AIDS' awareness. Sharad,one of the interactor gave a guittar performance. They enjoyed it very much. After that we served them lunch and distributed gifts to them. Among the clubs we have collected so many things for them like woolen caps, shawls, and many more thing.They talked to us and told us about their problems. We went and saw the old age ladies and children who were living there. We met a lady who had a physical ailment and she could not walk properly. We helped her to come out of her room. There were so many ladies who worked there for helping old ladies. We all felt proud of doing something for them. This has been possible only because of our teachers. We came back by 1:30 p.m.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


We went to Faridabad for attending RYLA session on 26 and 27 december 2009 which was being hosted by Eicher School. There were 8 members from our school. We reached there by 12 noon. We were warmly welcomed by the interactors of Eicher School. After such a warm welcome we all went for registration where they provided us our batches, identity cards, participants handbooks and RYLA t-shirts. Then they took us to our respective rooms. After a short span of rest we all were taken to the Introducttion Ceremony where we all were addressed by the principle of Eicher School. She introduced us to all the respected guests. After that we were provided with the delicious meals. Later on we went to the Ampitheatre for our educated session addressed by Subroto Ghosh and Manike Narain. In between the talks there was a short tea break. In the evening the much awaited "Talent Night Event" was organised.

WE were enthusiastic for participating in the talent night and exploring our talent out there. We performed a skit on "AIDS Awareness", A group dance and a solo dance performance by Shagun and a guitar performance by Sharad. There were many other performances by participants of other schools and colleges.After all the performances we went for dinner and the day ended by a bornfire and a DJ night. During this period we got an opportunity to interact with the other interactors and made many new friends.

The next day we all woke up by 6 A.M for our sports activities which included yoga. After Yoga we all took a bath and had our breakfast.

RYLA 2009 was winded up by a prize distribution ceremony.We all kept our fingers crossed and the BEST RYLARIAN GIRL AWARD was won by Shagun. Sharad AND shagun received the second prize in the talent show. At the end we all received our participation certificates.We left the place in the evening.

posted by shefali and shikha


TRAFFIC AWRENESS PROJECT was held on 15 dec 2009 in our school auditorium. Radhey Sham A.C.P. Jagtar Singh were the honourable guests. Mata Jai kaur and D.A.V Pushpanjali were also invited. After their arrival our respected Head Mistress lighted the lamp of knowledge. The welcome song was sung by our school teachers. Guests were welcomed with the essence of beautiful flowers of marigold. Side by side competitions were going on of slogan writting and poster making. Then Jagtar Singh spoke to all students and made them aware of the road safety measure. He also gave some tips like ;
1. should drive slowly
2. should not drive if under 18
He also told us that Rs.5000 crores always spend on accident cases. After that Mrs. Sunita Saini mam thanked him enlighting our future. Later on there was a speech by Mr. Radhey Sham. He showed us a movie 'LADLA DRIVER' which was produced and directed by Jaspal Bhatti. The moral of the movie is to educate people about the traffic rules. Then again he showed us another movie by truck driver. Then the Traffic Police Association distributed some pamphlets of traffic rules and regulations. After that Mr. Radhey Sham continued with his speech, he told us about four friends that are TRAFFIC SIGNAL, TRAFFIC LIGHTS, TRAFFIC POLICE and CROSSINGS. Later on there was a quiz session where he asked questions related to traffic rules from the audience. Many children won many prizes. Sharad joshi, one of the interactor played guittar to entertain the audience.
Then Sunita mam thanked all the audience and prizes were distributed and refreshments were also provided.