Saturday, November 12, 2016

2nd Visit To Balgram Orphanage

Diwali Visit To Balgram

The peer moderators of our Interact Club and some students from our primary wing along with Ms. Samdisha visited Balgram Orphanage, Sonepat on 27th October'16.

We carried along a large amount of gifts such as clothes, toys, stationary items, eatables, toiletries, etc.

We conducted several playful activities for the kids such as Damsharas, Kho-Kho, etc. The kids participated with full zeal and ardour. We rewarded the kids with sweets and chocolates.

The peer moderators along with Ms.Samdisha conducted a counselling session which aimed at making the children self-awared.

We all shared some cherishable moments with those lovely kids.




On 25th October 2k16, a street play was presented by students of our school in order to revive the spirit of what Diwali Celebration actually means.

The name of the play was BEZUBAAN - Yeh Diwali Kisi Ke Sapno Ko Sach Karne Wali...

The play was directed by Arvind Gaur Sir, Director, ASMITA Theatre Group.

The play was performed in School Assembly, Netaji Subhash Place (NSP), and Rohini City Centre Mall.

The play was appreciated by everyone.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Celebrating World Polio Day @ Hindu College


World Polio Day is observed on October 24. This observance was established by Rotary International.

This year, for the celebration of 'WORLD POLIO DAY' the Rotary Club of District 3011 organised an acquaintance program- 'POLIO FREE INDIA' in Hindu College.

This event saw a presence of over 6,000 students from various schools across Delhi.

The students of our Interact Club participated in this event with full avidity. 

The event went smoothly and it was a huge success in creating awareness.



Wednesday, October 19, 2016


A great man once said, " Orphanages are the only places that could leave us feeling empty and full at the same time. "

The Interact Club of our school gave a golden opportunity by organizing a visit to Balgram Orphanage, Sonepat on 15th October'16. 

On our arrival, we were given an ecstatic welcome by all of the cute little children and house mothers.
We took along with us loads of gifts- stationary items, clothes and toys for children.

Tanisha Narang and Geetika Verma gave a wonderful dance performance. This was followed by a heart-touching song 'Tu Jo Mila' by Lekhita Sharma and Aparna.

Ms. Samdisha with a team of our peer educators awared the inmates about POCSO (Protection Of Children from Sexual Offences).

All the children were in high spirits and glee.
The teachers and members enthusiastically interacted with inmates and house mothers.

We also got a chance to see their cottages which were cozy and comfortable.

We were glad to see their zest for life.

We appreciated the presence of members of our Parent Club Of Delhi Garden City.

The serenity and simplicity of the place touched our hearts and before we left for school, we gave each of them bear hugs.

The innocence in their eyes and smiles will linger in our souls forever.

Friday, October 14, 2016



The interact club of our school organized a Blood Donation Camp on 8th October 2016. The event started at 8 am in the morning and went till 1:30 in the afternoon. It was a huge success.
People came from nearby areas. Teachers and parents both donated blood with great enthusiasm. 

We had a very systematic set up for registration and donation. The camp was organised keeping in mind the health requirements of the donars. Blood Pressure was checked and then only the person was allowed to donate blood. There were doctors and assistants available for help and support. Each and every person was welcomed with a smile and was thanked and acknowledged. 

Cabinet members were full of zeal and enthusiasm. They could motivate people to donate blood and provided full support to each and every person.

Our teachers in-charge also donated  blood.