Friday, July 11, 2014

Quest‘- 28th march2014

   Rotary Leaders For Tomorrow
       Rotary International District 3010.
Five students along with two teacher coordinators have attended this district function on
28th march2014 in Modern school Bbarakhamba.
 Chief guest-
rtn. K.R. Ravindran(Ri President Nominiee-Sri Lanka.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

list of selected Interactors -2014.

Rotary Club Students Class IX Name of the students Class
1.INDERJEET                      9 C
 3.GAYATRI SINGH          9 K
 8.ANVITI SINGH           9 D
 9.NITU PATEL               9 C
 10.ARYA GUPTA           9 C
 11.PRACHI                    9 B
 12.JAYA JAIN                9 B
 14.ISHITA BANATI       9 A
  Class X Name of the students Class
1.VIDUSHI SINGLA              10 B
 2.SHUBHAM SHARMA       10 A
 3.SHRUTI GOYAL              10 G
4.SHIVANI SHARMA          10 B
5.SAMARTH GUPTA           10 E
 6.RITIKA GOYAL              10 B
 7.NIKITA PURI                   10 B
 9.DEV GUPTA                      10 F
 10.AGRIMA JUNEJA            10 I
  Class XI Name of the students Class
1.YATMANYU RAWAT            11 J
 2.YASH AHUJA                        11 E
 3.VANSHIKA CHAWLA         11 J
 4.VAISHALI NANDA              11 G
5.VAISHALI GUPTA                 11 J
 6.TUSHAR KUMAR                 11 J
7.TANYA BHATNAGAR           11 I
 8.SURBHI SONI                         11 J
 9.SOUMYA MITTAL                 11 E
10.SHUBHAM PODDAR            11 J
 11.SHUBHAM GUPTA              11 C
 12.SHIVANSH BAJAJ                11 G
13.SARTHAK SINGHAL             11 E
 14.SAKSHI SINGHAL                11 E
 15.SAKSHI MEHRA                   11 E
 16.SACNHIT GANDHI                11 J
 17.RUDRAKSHI GUPTA            11 J \
18.RHYTHM JAIN                        11 J
19.PRIYANK SHARMA                 11 J
20.PRIYANK SHARMA               11 A
21.PRATYUSHA ARORA              11 J
 22.PALLAVI MARWAH               11 C
 23.NISHTHA DHINGRA              11 J
24.MUSKAN TULI                        11 J
 25.KHUSHBOO DAGA                  11 F
 26.HITIKA VAID                             11 K
 27.HIMANSHU SHARMA             11 B
 28.HIMANSHU JAIN                     11 J
29.GAISHIKA CHIMAN                  11 E
30.DIKSHA SINGHA                       11 G
31.CAROL                                        11 J
 32.ANUSHKA THAKUR                  11 B
33.ANIKET LAMBA                         11 J
34.HARSH                                        11A
 35.DEEKSHA                                 11 J
36.EMMANUEL                              11 J

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


          The interact club of Kulachi Hansraj Model School mark the end of the year by paaying a short to visit to our grannies on 31st December,2013 @ St. Marry Jones Old Age Home. The visit was delightful and jouful. Our journey begins by packing the donations for our grannies , which is donated by several students of interact club and teachers of our school. The whole pack of students deliver a sense of enthusiasm and vigour. We reached the place on time. The members of interact club performed various acts which include mesmerising dance performance by Eesha And Ishita and Kartik Ranjan. This was followed by a  magical performance by the magician of our school, Aditya Dewan. The members of interact club also performed a flash mob. Several interactive session take place.And at the end it is always a stumptuous lunch by our school that we offer to our Grannies. It was heart-rendering to observe the life lead by the old people in the Old Age Home. The lunch was served and we grant an reluctant leave from the place. They were very happy  and said that they look forward to our visit as our's is the only school which gives performances to cheer them .But believe us we too always  eagerly await to go to the Oldage Home.

Thursday, December 26, 2013


The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards held from 20th December,2013 to 22nd December,2013.
The event was delightful and remarkable. Leadership is an essential aspect of Rotary—and it offer both clubs and programs to help emerging leaders develop their skills. Through these groups, participants strengthen their leadership skills, serve their communities, increase their world understanding, build friendships, and more.

The Interact Club Of  Kulachi Hansraj Model School also participated in the gala event. The event begin on 20th of December,2013 when all the school and colleges arrives in the beautiful campus of OP JINDAL UNIVERSITY, SONIPAT. Several session regarding leadership and fundemental ethics were held. On the eminent  date the ROCK BAND night took place. The band fired the floor with their enthusiastic performance.

On the second day of the event several sports, art and cultural events took place. From our school Aditya Dewan and Vidit Bhomawat participated in the Table tennis competition. In the afternoon our school presented a small NUKAR NATAK on the theme of TAKE-NO-LOGY. The play reflects the harmful effects of the rising use of technology among the society. The play was well-appreciated by the audience. On the eve of the night our ROCK BAND NIGHT took place. Several schools and colleges presented their FLASH MOB. Our school also participated in the same event and backed an enthusiastic response. The night was joyful with lots of fun.

On the third day of the event the Prize Distribution Ceremony took place. The last seesion took place and the audience applauded the initiative and hardwork of each and every rotractor. The event ended with a heartful of memories.