Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Nine Is Mine 

On 6th august, Nine Is Mine organised a workshop at St. Columbus School, Ashok Palace, New Delhi.
Our interactors attended this workshop and had insightful time participating in much appreciated group discussions.

ABOUT NINE IS MINE.Nine is Mine is a participatory children advocacy initiative that calls for 9% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to be committed to heath and education. The basic purpose of 9 Is Mine is to provide children from across the country the necessity of basic heath and quality education as their negotiable rights.
Nine is Mine believes in talking about nutrition rather than hunger as hunger is only about having rice or wheat but nutrition is more about balanced diet and health.
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

On august 2, Saturday another anticipated installation ceremony was presided over by Mrs. Sunita Saini.
The occasion began by seeking the blessings of almighty. Grace-full Ganesh Vandana by Pratyusha( Sargeant-at-Arms) and Rhythm(Director) was performed. After the applause died the guests were bestowed bamboo shoots and schedule cards made by the Editorial Board.The Annual Report of club was presented by Ishani Mahi, outgoing president.  After Ishani Mahi our respected principal Miss Sneh Verma privileged the podium by quoting Gandhi  “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” She wished the new cabinet luck and promised help to Balgram and organisation of Blood Donation Camp. With this responsibilities were handed over to the new cabinet by adorning them with the badges.
Pallavi Marwah, new president gave her speech informing us about the theme of this year "Conservation of Heritage" and promised best of her efforts to continue the glory of our Interact Club.
By 1 pm certificates were awarded to teary-eyed senior members. Arjun Aggarwal and Aditya Diwan earned the title of "Best Interactions". A prized play "Main Kyun Karoon" was performed by class 10th students and there was echoing applause afterwards.
At the end everyone present took the ceremonial oath and Dr. Sandeep Khanna, President of Garden City Rotary Club gave a short speech appreciating our efforts and thanking for the insightful associations.
The ceremony closed with Mrs. Seema Lal's vote of thanks and the event of chosen few was done and well done :)
Adored with badges.

Ganesh Vandana by Pratusha(Sargeant-at-Arms) and Rhythm(director)
Play-"Main Kyun Karoon"
Senior members awarded certificates.
To the left-Ishani Mahi, departing president.
To the right- Pallavi Marwah, new president.
Ceremony was presided over by Mrs. Sunita Saini and Mrs. Seema Lal.
The lightning of lamps.

With Dr. Sandeep Khanna.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Quest‘- 28th march2014

   Rotary Leaders For Tomorrow
       Rotary International District 3010.
Five students along with two teacher coordinators have attended this district function on
28th march2014 in Modern school Bbarakhamba.
 Chief guest-
rtn. K.R. Ravindran(Ri President Nominiee-Sri Lanka.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

list of selected Interactors -2014.

Rotary Club Students Class IX Name of the students Class
1.INDERJEET                      9 C
 3.GAYATRI SINGH          9 K
 8.ANVITI SINGH           9 D
 9.NITU PATEL               9 C
 10.ARYA GUPTA           9 C
 11.PRACHI                    9 B
 12.JAYA JAIN                9 B
 14.ISHITA BANATI       9 A
  Class X Name of the students Class
1.VIDUSHI SINGLA              10 B
 2.SHUBHAM SHARMA       10 A
 3.SHRUTI GOYAL              10 G
4.SHIVANI SHARMA          10 B
5.SAMARTH GUPTA           10 E
 6.RITIKA GOYAL              10 B
 7.NIKITA PURI                   10 B
 9.DEV GUPTA                      10 F
 10.AGRIMA JUNEJA            10 I
  Class XI Name of the students Class
1.YATMANYU RAWAT            11 J
 2.YASH AHUJA                        11 E
 3.VANSHIKA CHAWLA         11 J
 4.VAISHALI NANDA              11 G
5.VAISHALI GUPTA                 11 J
 6.TUSHAR KUMAR                 11 J
7.TANYA BHATNAGAR           11 I
 8.SURBHI SONI                         11 J
 9.SOUMYA MITTAL                 11 E
10.SHUBHAM PODDAR            11 J
 11.SHUBHAM GUPTA              11 C
 12.SHIVANSH BAJAJ                11 G
13.SARTHAK SINGHAL             11 E
 14.SAKSHI SINGHAL                11 E
 15.SAKSHI MEHRA                   11 E
 16.SACNHIT GANDHI                11 J
 17.RUDRAKSHI GUPTA            11 J \
18.RHYTHM JAIN                        11 J
19.PRIYANK SHARMA                 11 J
20.PRIYANK SHARMA               11 A
21.PRATYUSHA ARORA              11 J
 22.PALLAVI MARWAH               11 C
 23.NISHTHA DHINGRA              11 J
24.MUSKAN TULI                        11 J
 25.KHUSHBOO DAGA                  11 F
 26.HITIKA VAID                             11 K
 27.HIMANSHU SHARMA             11 B
 28.HIMANSHU JAIN                     11 J
29.GAISHIKA CHIMAN                  11 E
30.DIKSHA SINGHA                       11 G
31.CAROL                                        11 J
 32.ANUSHKA THAKUR                  11 B
33.ANIKET LAMBA                         11 J
34.HARSH                                        11A
 35.DEEKSHA                                 11 J
36.EMMANUEL                              11 J

Tuesday, April 29, 2014