Sunday, September 11, 2016


The Interact Club of our school in collaboration with the rotary club of Delhi Garden City organized the 7th Inter-School Extempore Debate on 12th August 2016 at the India International Center. The event saw participation from various schools of Delhi and NCR. The event started off with a prayer and a mesmerizing dance performance by one of our Interactors.
 Soon after, Ms Monica Kumar, President of the parent club, briefed the audience and participation about the objective of the debates along with the rules and the marking scheme. The prizes for the winner, runner ups and best speakers were announced.

The topics were given to the participating duos half an hour before for preparation. The setting was rhapsodic and everyone was eager for the debates to start.
finale. From our school, Vinayak Kohli and Toshika Soni participated. Toshika Soni gave very impressive arguments and received appreciation from the judges. 

The debates were held in two different rooms with a great panel of judges. Both the rooms witnessed some intense debating which left the 
audience in a state of awe. As the event progressed, the debates became powerful and the decisions difficult. This juggling of arguments and counter-arguments continued well.  Just before the finale, The immediate past president of the Rotary club of Delhi Garden City, Mr. Vivek Kataria addressed the house.

 The final debate,  This House Supports Nationalism”, was supported by Step by Step School, Noida, while The Shri Ram School, Gurgaon  
Both the teams finished with a close margin
 and the Shri Ram School was declared the winner, followed by a prize distribution marking the end of the event.

The atmosphere was kept lively through numerous performances by the Interactors including classical and western dances, singing and instrumentals. The event went really smooth, thanks to the teacher coordinators- Ms Sunita Saini, Ms Seema Lal and Ms Samdisha Alagh- plus the dedicated team of Interactors.







Tuesday, August 30, 2016


The auspicious ceremony began with the lighting of lamp by Ms. Monika, the President of Parent Club Garden City, our Teacher Incharge Ms. Yashu Kumar and club coordinator Ms. Sunita Saini.

Principal Mam encouraged the Interactors.

A graceful dance performance was presented by Nidhi Chaudhary and Geetika Verma.

The members of Parent Club Garden City were presented with potted plants by Dev Sareen and Toshika Soni.

 Shriya Jindal and Rashi Jain sang a melodious prayer.

Preksha Arora, the Former President of Interact Club, shared her wonderful experience full of 'exposure and opportunities' . She presented the Annual Report of the  session 2015-16.

Moment of Pride - Ms. Sunita Saini being awarded as the 'BEST INTERACT TEACHER' for two years in a row.

Preksha Arora passed on the legacy of honour and responsibility to Dev Sareen .

Dev expressed his feelings and gratitude towards school,teachers and the club.

The Cabinet was decorated with badges by the members of Parent Club Garden City.

This was followed by a self-composed poem by Medhavini Sharma, Joint Secretary of the club on the topic 'Clean India, Green India'.

Ms. Monika further enlightened the young souls  about the 4 Pillars, 5 Services and 6 Focus Areas of the Rotary Club. She also introduced the theme  of Club for the ongoing session 2016-17- 'Service Before Self'.

Dr. Hardeep Singh and Monika Ji told us about the work done by the Parent Club Garden City over the past years for social welfare.

Mrs. Sunita Saini proudly announced the theme of Kulachi's Rotary Club 2016-17- 'CLEANLINESS IS NEXT TO GODLINESS'. This was strongly recommended by honourable principal, Ms. Sneh Verma.

Mr. Deepak, President of Debating Club and Director of Youth Services, gave some valuable guidelines to the interactors for The Extempore Debate.

Rashi Jain, a budding singer from Kulachi, dedicated heart touching song for people who experienced bullying in some or other point of their lives.

Token of Praise : Certificates were given to the Former Cabinet Members of the Interact Club.

Ananya Acharya, a qualified zonal-level debater and Pranav Nigam, present Head Boy of our school, were honoured as the Best Interactors for the session 2015-16.

This was followed by Principal mam's speech in which she bestowed blessings on all the interactors. She congratulated the former members over there achievements and the new members for being selected.

After hearing such inspiring words the Interactors were filled with a sense of responsibility, enthusiasm and optimism to work hard for all the upcoming events.

Ms. Sunita Saini concluded her speech by beautifully quoting "THE BEST WAY TO FIND YOURSELF IS TO LOSE YOURSELF IN THE SERVICE OF OTHERS."

The ceremony ended with the National Anthem and a rosy smile on everyone's face.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

7th Annual Extempore Debate-2016


Kulachi is back with its VII  Annual Extempore Debate-2016.

Friday, April 8, 2016

RYLA- Rotary Youth Leadership Awards 2015-16

This year RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) was organised by Rotary district 3011 from 8th to 10th January at Manav Rachna International University. , Ritika Goyal, Devyani Singh, Ananya Acharya, Vaishali Yadav, Samiksha Jain, Pranav Nigam and Vinayak Kohli represented our school's interact club there. They were escorted by a teacher of our school, Ms. Samdisha and Ms. Uttara Dhawan.

Day 1 
The 3 day extravaganza started with the cabinet members of the Rotaract club dividing us into colour coordinated groups that are Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravensclaw and Huffelpuff. 

There were numerous speakers who came and spoke to us about several topics, each of them making us think.

Later in the evening, the Cultural Night took place with the theme of western rock and punk.

There was also a Talent hunt organised by them in which our interactors Devyani Singh, Vinayak Kohli, Ananya Acharya and Samiksha Jain participated.

Devyani and Samiksha gave a dance performance which was the most appreciated performance of the evening which earned them the first position in the competition.

Vinayak performed a hip hop and freestyle fusion which was heavily applauded and appreciated. 

Ananya delivered an amazing acapella which was definitely different and something out of the box which was appreciated by the audience.

Later, we all were sent back to our domes so that we could rise early and fresh for all the challenges that were up for us.

Day 2 

The day started early at 6 in the morning as we all were geared up and went for the different sports options available to us. 

 Our students took part in badminton, basketball and zumba.

Later, we were freshened up for another row of sessions. The major concern of that day was to get our knowledge updated about basic sanitation, knowing and discovering ourselves. 

Our interactors, Samiksha and Devyani were appreciated for their performance at the talent hunt.

After the sessions, we were taken to our respective clubs for different activities where Ritika, Pranav, and Vinayak got a chance to try their hand on shooting.

After that, we were ushered back to our domes so that we could get ready in our theme based ensemble. The theme for this cultural night was Indian and ethnic wear. 
The night started with an intense math of tug of war between the four groups in which Ravensclaw won. 

 The games definitely triggered us up, our energy levels were soaring high but they went of the roof when the night was further extended to a DJ night.